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MacNN is reporting that Disney has filed a patent covering the delivery of ESPN content to mobile phones and devices, which he uses to argue… Read more »

This article puts forth the opinion that it was Wall Street’s short term focus on quarterly revenue that drove Disney to kill Mobile ESPN sh… Read more »

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The discussion over whether MVNOs are a viable business model continues, with this article citing most MVNOs as still being upbeat about the… Read more »

Unsurprisingly Peter Adderton, CEO of Amp’d Mobile, is still upbeat about the potential of MVNOs, and Amp’d. He said Mobile ESPN was just Di… Read more »

Manish Jha, Mobile ESPN SVP and GM, has given an interview on the closure of the ESPN MVNO, and said a lot of things that other people have… Read more »

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Now that Mobile ESPN is closing, as reported first, everybody’s piling on with all kinds of “we told you so”, and none of them are far off t… Read more »

We mentioned Mobile ESPN’s new plans to stream full-length college football games last night…more details now: it will kick off with Flori… Read more »

Jupiter Research analyst Julie Ask has done some back-of-an-envelope calculations and estimated there are 500,000 Americans looking for an e… Read more »

Mobile ESPN has launched a new handset from Samsung, dubbed Ace. The handset has “a large QVGA display and stereo speakers…The user interf… Read more »

Mobile ESPN is touting its content line up for the forthcoming basketball season…it includes: “Comprehensive scoreboards with game status… Read more »

ESPN is expanding its business internationally, targeting Canada, Europe and Latin America. “Mobile ESPN Publishing Worldwide distributes ES… Read more »

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