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Comcast NBCU

With a lengthy pitch on the public interest value of creating a new content-focused joint venture that will boost quantity, quality, diversi… Read more »

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CTIA Keynotes: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski; AT&T's CTO Jon Donovan; Qualcomm's Paul And Irwin Ja
photo: Tricia Duryee

While the general observation by everyone is that this year’s CTIA I.T. & Entertainment show is small, it’s not because there isn’t dramatic… Read more »

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski
photo: AP / Harry Hamburg

As expected, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski outlined the agency’s plans this morning for new rules that will prevent telecom companies from… Read more »

Money - dollars
photo: Flickr / Tracy O

The deadline to receive $4.7 billion in stimulus money to help pay for the roll out of high-speed internet access in underserved areas is Au… Read more »

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