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An analysis of the possible acquisition of Universal Music by Apple, by the Microsoft-specialist at CNET, writing for BetaNews. “Ap… Read more »

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“Two years from now, I firmly believe we’ll be able to use a PC or PC-like device to record television programs and then stream those progra… Read more »

“The mere presence of subscription content may add to percieved value of a site. But again, this depends on the user…to other users with l… Read more »

How news sites such as and are preparing for the war: “Heightened interest in online news could make this the perfect momen… Read more »

Alive and Well: Now-defunct dotcoms tried a lot of dumb things. But that doesn’t mean the fundamental ideas they believed in are dumb. That,… Read more »

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Kevin Werbach on ‘Webification of TV’: “[T]he greatest challenge for the established TV industry is to find a viable economic model in the a… Read more »

Searching for Online Profits in Japan: Japan’s largest newspaper Web sites get hundreds of millions of page views per month. But many new me… Read more »

The Rarity Value of Content: An analysis of the online information sector: “The current economic climate is beneficial to niche providers of… Read more »

Stop, Thief!: Michael Wolff on the demonization of consumer and how the price of content keeps falling, much to the horror and cluelessness… Read more »

The Revolution Masterclass on Paid-for Content: Nice to see mainstream online/tech magazines giving “masterclasses” on how to develop subscr… Read more »

This is a followup to the list from Media magazine on the best online publishers of 2002. The companeis include CNET, CBS, E… Read more »

Excuse Me, My Car Is Calling: A report on a symposium on how a new generation of digital products and services will effect businesses and co… Read more »

Top Online Media Execs See Bright Future: “Their thoughts on paid content were interesting. Initially, the group identified paid content as… Read more »

Untapped Potential of Online Media: “The participants (who included the online directors of key publications such as Le Monde, The Guardian,… Read more »

When Free Begets Fee: An interesting point by Vin Crosbie about why free content is good to promote your “real” services: “This column is pr… Read more »

Fee vs. Free: The Casualties: Steve Outing notes the newsroom casualties in the sites going from ad-sponsored (free) to subscription-based.… Read more »

Nail Down Your Niche: An interview with Olivier Travers, the founder of He talks about lessons we can learn from ad*ul^t s… Read more »

Paid Content Market Soars (5-minute streaming video interview): Precisely the reason why I started this website: these vanilla stories on pa… Read more »

Web Publishers See Signs Of Profitability, Stability: A round-up of how publishers such as, Washington Post, New York Times… Read more »

Gambling is Most Lucrative Vice Online: Of the $2.9 billion US consumers spent on vice content in 2002, $2.5 billion went to gambling websit… Read more »

What Price Content?: What you want isn’t necessarily what you’ll get. Publishers, are you listening, asks Vin Crosbie. “There’s a huge poten… Read more »

In essence, this is what the story says: “If a growing number of Internet users are finding news stories by using news search engines [Googl… Read more »

Should Weblogs Link to Paid Articles?: “So, what do you think should be the proper etiquette for weblogs linking to paid content?” Etiquette… Read more »

Dan Gillmor: Internet Content in Peril in Non-Competitive World: A very valid point raised by Dan Gillmor: ” Walt Disney Co. signed a little… Read more »

Exploring… Content Strategies: A white paper series on content and
content-related issues, in the eContent magazine. Six articles by indus… Read more »

The Music Business and the Big Flip: Clay Shirky on why the music industry operates in reverse to the publishing/online publishign industry… Read more »

An interesting twist on online subscription, a point I have noted before in my brief about Weatherbug: it is offering the options of paying… Read more »

Australian Online Media Companies Fail to Produce Black Ink: A long and fascinating story on Australian online media market: players such as… Read more »

Content Is Crap: A provocative column by Arnold Kling on why info-mediaries still matter, written in light of the much-hyped launch of Creat… Read more »

Sites You Would Pay For, According to WSJ Writers: WSJ writers Tim Hanrahan and Jason Fry list their list of sites they would pay for. Inter… Read more »

Digital Piracy: The Show Must Go On: Peer-to-peer file-sharing is not going away. The story looks at some of the strategies, legislation and… Read more »

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