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New Year Resolutions: Fix Archives, Figure out Alternative to Simple Paid Subscritions, and Hire Bloggers!: This, in essence, is Steve Outin… Read more »

Canadian Perspective on Online Paid Content: Lame as ever, but quotes Michael Zimbalist, executive director of the NeOnline Publishers Assoc… Read more »

Better Content Starts Today: A good story on how to develop stellar content: “Don’t succumb to doom and gloom. Create content that sizzles a… Read more »

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Programming for Dayparts: A trend which has profound implications on how users consume and buy content: Daytime is emerging as primetime onl… Read more »

Burgers Can Be as Tough a Sell as Content: Steve Klein makes an interesting comparison–based on a Washington Post story–between selling co… Read more »

The Future of Blogs, AOL and Tablet PCs: Rob Glaser of OJR takes a tongue-in-cheek look at what lies ahead for online media in 2003. “Best-C… Read more »

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Economy Intrudes on Dreams of New Services: The New York Times does a round-up of the new technology services and how they might fare in 200… Read more »

The Streams of 2003: Downloadables and Lunchables: An analysis column in the latest issue of eContent magazine, on the content trends likely… Read more »

Outlook 2003: Issues In The Information Marketplace (): A very interesting overview of the issues in the enterprise content market during th… Read more »

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Top 100 Content Companies: EContent magazine releases its list of the top 100 digital content companies (mainly in enterprise content), and… Read more »

Profits At Last: If The Economist writes about it, there must be something in it. The usual stuff about how online content firms are moving… Read more »

Revenues from the Adult Content Industry: eMarketer estimates the revenues from the adult content industry, and reports on the challenges in… Read more »

2003 Predictions For Online News Biz: Steve Outing gives his predictions for the next year for the online media sector. On subscription cont… Read more »

How to Avoid the Top 5 Subscription Marketing Mistakes: ContentBiz examines 10 sites and analyzes their subscription marketing mistakes (and… Read more »

Paid Content and DRM: “DRM is an essential element to any charging initiative. Content owners have the right to receive payment and recognit… Read more »

The Need for Better Reports: Vin Crosbie on the need for better reports on online content spending, criticizing Online Publishers Associatio… Read more »

Free Content Online? Publishers Are Divided: An analysis of move from free to paid content, in light of AOL’s recent decision to wall-off Ti… Read more »

Coping With a Web That’s No Longer Free (via TheEndofFree): “A paying customer is, after all, a more demanding customer…The added revenue… Read more »

Charging for Online Content (Audio): A growing number of online content providers are planning to start charging but will consumers be willi… Read more »

Measure the Value of Your Content: Gerry McGovern, erudite as usual. “Measuring content involves an understanding of knowledge and informati… Read more »

Rise of MMS, 3G and Paid-for Services Will Mark Digital Progress: “So what did 2002 teach us? Well, it wasn’t 2001 – which was a start for m… Read more »

Hybrid Subscription Schemes Will Evolve: An interesting story about the subscription scheme, where the author says that the FT has st… Read more »

Collecting What Content Is Worth: Vin Crosbie on the need to meter your content the right way. “Most current microtransaction systems (Click… Read more »

Convenience and Organization Key for Content Sales: Vin Crosbie writes a provocative column about the role of convenience in access and paym… Read more »

Online CD sales down 39%: ComScore research indicates that revenue from the online sale of CDs is down to 39% to $545 million from $730 mill… Read more »

Je Suis Content: Vin Crosbie’s take on the paid content industry: ‘Content’ has two distinct definitions: subject matter and satisfied. Why… Read more »

Sex Sells — But It’s No Longer Easy: Online porn sites are also feeling the heat in the downturn: Revenues are down, paying customers are f… Read more »

Merrill Brown’s Speech at Online News Association Conference: Merrill Brown speaks on the state of online news, the industry’s coverage of t… Read more »

Readers Probably Won’t Pay: And yes, the sun goes round the moon…
“[T]he papers he studied found just a 1.4 to 1.8 percent return on inves… Read more »

Will “Free News” Become Extinct?: A story about European newspapers/online publishers charging for content. Usual suspects such as an… Read more »

What’s the Pyrrhic Price of Paid Content?: That’s the somewhat caustic title of the discussion going on the Online-News List for the last co… Read more »

Number of Visits On Your Site Can Tell a Lot: Vin Crosbie writes about an important metric to gauge whether converting your website from fre… Read more »

Does Information Still Want to be Free Online? (via TEoF): A opinion article on how the fee version of the Internet is taking over the free… Read more »

Paid Content, an Author at a Time: Steve Outing writes about voluntary paid-content…in other words, donations to your favorite authors. Th… Read more »

Lessons from the Satellite Radio Troubles: WSJ has a story on the troubles facing subscription satellite radio services Sirius and XM Satell… Read more »

Pay For Fresh, Archives Free?: Rusty Foster, founder of the popular community site Kuro5hin, has a contrarian thought: “Has anyone tried the… Read more »

A New World of Internet Fees: Although some companies have stumbled, analysts predict that charging for formerly free services is the wave o… Read more »

Shipping News : At sea about monetizing content? Become a sailor: Learn navigation, use your compass, and know the waters your sailing in. Read more »

OPA Report Needs Some Drastic Improvements: Anne Holland touches upon some very legitimate concerns on the Online Publishers Association’s r… Read more »

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