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Examining Paid Content’s Future: Steve Outing takes a critical look at trends in the paid content industry, including advice on payment mode… Read more »

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: Vin Crosbie’s rather pessimistic take on the OPA’s recently released paid content report. But then, Crosbie… Read more »

Net Surfers Are Getting the Message: Pay up: Another of those “pasty-white” analysis stories on paid content, but since they linked to this… Read more »

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Audience Increases to Paid Sites: Following up on my earlier posting about traffic to the website, CBS MarketWatch does a story on t… Read more »

The end of free? Please, let it be!: Charles Cooper of CNET believes that content was neither born free, nor was it meant to be tha… Read more »

Factiva CEO Sees Two Year Consumer Learning Cycle on Paid Content (via TEoF): Factiva CEO Clare Hart believes that consumers will be coughin… Read more »

How Many Users Can You Lose When Going Pay?: An analysis story from a U.K. perspective, on how much and for what are users willing to pay on… Read more »

The Internet Power Grab: John Ellis writes about the inevitable migration of free content and services in the digital world to a paid model… Read more »

News Headline Services, Deep-Linking, And Subscription Content: Vin Crosbie writes about the effect of Danish deep-linking court case agains… Read more »

News Sites Hustling for Profits: has an extensive package of stories on how news sites are trying to get to profitability. Perhaps t… Read more »

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Another one of those “pasty white” stories on paid online content. The usual suspects are interviewed for the story, including, FT.c… Read more »

The User Vs. Viewer: “The entertainment industry must acknowledge that it is marketing its products to an empowered body of citizens who con… Read more »

Applying Economics 101 to Content: Vin Crosbie applied some basic economic lesson to online content, and comes to the conclusion that the cu… Read more »

The Context of Content: Another long post on Online Writing List (no easy way to link to it…click on read messages, scroll down and read t… Read more »

Does the Subscription Industry Need Associations?: There’re apparently two of them, and Subscription Website Publishers As… Read more »

Let’s Jam Together: Jimmy Gutterman, the editor and publisher of Media Unspun asks the online publishers to band together to survive and thr… Read more »

Newspaper’s Litmus Test: How local newspaper sites should be looking at their online ventures in a different light: “A litmus test is how yo… Read more »

Among the most cogent arguments against micropayments, drawing on comparisons from other disciplines. Micropayments will work “for services… Read more »

Chime in on Subscription Discussion: Since last Wednesday, a fascinating discussion about online paid content has been developing on Online… Read more »

We’re Broke: The Economics of a Web Community: Kuro5hin, the uber-intellectual tech community site, is going through the survival pangs. So… Read more »

Valuing Content: Not directly related to media content, rather commercial content, but some important lessons: How do you value the price of… Read more »

Blast the critics: Media critics have been calling’s “Deep Throat” revelation e-book somewhat of a let down. That’s perhaps true,… Read more »

And Now Seven: From three (see below) to seven. The seven specific types of content which people will pay for–includes content that helps p… Read more »

Three for Fee: Vin Crosbie’s three criterion for determining if your site is subscription-cashable, using the example of The Jerusalem Post.… Read more »

Merrill Brown On and Life: “I want every category of content to have both free and subscription versions so that, yes, there’s fre… Read more »

Has Salon Lost Its Way?: “And if the display on any of the stories does happen to pique his interest, it often has the star next to it which… Read more »

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