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Look out Nintendo. A startup called TapWave is reinventing the Palm Pilot as a gaming platform.
Also read, “Tapwave Readies Gamer’s PDA”. Read more »

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Electronic Arts is mulling subscription fees for its online Web games and Madden football. It’s a pretty bold plan ? and one that could conc… Read more »

Microsoft is readying a new version of Xbox Live with advanced community features such as voice chat and locater services that operate indep… Read more »

IGN Entertainment is going private and will be acquired for $12 a share, a 50 percent premium to Friday’s closing price of $8. A new corpora… Read more »

Guess which company is poised to dominate the online game market for children: Disney, with its Toontown gaming service. Read more »

IGN Entertainment (Nasdaq: IGNX expects to post a first-quarter net loss, which are formally being annouced on May 1. The company forecast a… Read more »

An interesting interview with Cindy Bowens, the Community Manager of Sigil Games Online, a new online multiplayer game community. Read more »

IGN Entertainment has bought VE3D, a popular site on gaming news from its former owners BA Ventures. Read more »

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According to a new survey, an online gamer just as likely to be a well-paid professional – male or female – aged in their 40s, and not just… Read more »

Online game publisher WildTangent has announced new agreements with FOXSports, FX Networks and Pepsi International to deliver online games t… Read more »

“Online parlor games may be consistent money makers in their own right, but MMP games are the cash cows of tomorrow’s online game world and… Read more »

The Dutch ISP Planet Internet introduced a games subscription service. For a small monthly fee, about $10, you get unlimited access to a gro… Read more »

Analysts are urging companies not to look past the gaming market for huge revenue potential, and In-Stat/MDR estimates hundreds of millions… Read more »

Online media company eUniverse announced that Microsoft property MSN had signed up its unit to add play-for-cash games to MSN’s… Read more »

Less than nine months after its launch, Sony’s PlayStation 2 Internet adapter, which enables online gaming, has sold almost one million unit… Read more »

NCSoft Sees Growth in S.Korea Online Gaming: In a keynote address at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, Tack Jin Kim, chief executi… Read more »

Learnings From The Serious Business of Online Gaming: The gaming industry has done several things right: developing a loyal customer base, f… Read more »

Microsoft, Sony Set for European Online Gaming War: Sony and Microsoft will open a new front in their computer games battles in Europe later… Read more »

Xbox Live Provides Shake Up: The imminent launch of Xbox Live in Europe is provoking a shake-up among online gaming services, with BT axeing… Read more »

EA’s Follies in the Online World: A detailed analysis of Electronic Art’s forays online and how it hasn’t worked out as they hoped it would:… Read more »

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Passes 350,000 Subscribers: Microsoft has signed up more than 350,000 subscribers worldwide for its Xbox Live online v… Read more »

EA Consolidates Into Core: Game software maker Electronic Arts plans to consolidate online business into its company’s core op… Read more »

Sony Is Venturing Into Online Games for Multitudes: Sony plans to use grid computing, a concept that originated in supercomputing centers, t… Read more »

Your Next Customer Is Virtual. But His Money Is Real: There Inc. invites you to sell your wares in the most realistic and commercially sophi… Read more »

European Phantasy Star Online Pricing: Infogrames has confirmed the monthly subscription costs for the European version of Phantasy Star Onl… Read more »

NCSoft’s Record Revenues for 2002: NCsoft, the Korean online gaming company, has recorded revenues of $123.3 million, its highest. Net profi… Read more »

IGN Reports First Profitable Quarter: IGN Entertainment (fka (Nasdaq: IGNX), the online gaming network, is in black, according… Read more »

European Mobile Gaming Worth Over E3bn by 2005: Mobile gaming will generate E500m in Western Europe in 2003 and over E3bn in 2005, a new stu… Read more »

Fine Print in Electronic Arts’ Results: “To even suggest the Sims Online could fail is a far cry from the way it has been heralded Read more »

‘Sims Online’ Off to Slow Start: Initial sales of “The Sims Online” have been less than expected, executives from publisher Electronic Arts… Read more »

Online, Wireless Gaming Gaining: Analysis from Jupiter Research reveals that online PC game subscriptions are expected to reach $600.7 milli… Read more »

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