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Online Games Very Popular Across Asia: Online games are becoming the rage across Asia as Internet usage grows, with Web gamers outnumbering… Read more »

Online Games Very Popular Across Asia: Online games are becoming the rage across Asia as Internet usage grows, with Web gamers outnumbering… Read more »

There, Here, Everywhere (Word file): There, the incredibly hyped developer of an immersive 3D online gaming environments (simultaneous launc… Read more »

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Online Game Hopes to Convert Virtual Cash Into Real Revenue: An analysis by WSJ of whether people will pay to play role-playing games like “… Read more »

Microsoft Says Sales Strong for Xbox Online System: Microsoft said that demand for the online add-on to its game console system remained str… Read more »

Former Terra Lycos President Appointed Head of Online Gaming Firm: Former Fidelity Investments and Terra Lycos executive Stephen Killeen has… Read more »

EA’s Sims Online Debuts: Electronic Arts’ Sims Online — the next-generation soap opera for female couch potatoes — is being touted as the… Read more »

Will “Sims Online” Alter Gaming World?: “‘I think it’s a good test to see if online gaming can stretch past the hard-core fantasy gamers onl… Read more »

The Video-Game Wars Explode Online: Its Microsoft’s deep pockets and Xbox’ built-in capabilities vs. Sony’s and Nintendo’s add-ons. The priz… Read more »

The Biggest Franchise of Them All?: The Sims Online will convert the best-selling PC game into a subscription business. If it works, it coul… Read more »

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Online Gaming to Spur Standardization?: A broad shift to online gaming in the $9.4 billion video game industry — widely forecast now that t… Read more »

Video Games Make Big Leap to Small Phone Screens: A report on the wireless gaming market. “The games themselves cost anywhere from $2 to $15… Read more »

Oversimulated Suburbia At Sims: David Brooks’ fascinating description of the surprising hit, the video/computer game Sims, and the cultural… Read more »

NCSoft’s Lineage Enters China: NCSoft, the South Korea-based biggest developer of online games, has partnered with SINA to bring “Lineage” i… Read more »

Xbox Live Comes Online: Microsoft has unveiled its “Xbox Live” broadband game service for its Xbox game console. “There is a big difference… Read more »

AtomShockwave Launches Paid Video Game Service: AtomShockwave has launched a new subscription video game service on its websit… Read more »

Online Game Economies Get Real: There’s more to the virtual reality in massive multiplayer online games than digital otherworlds that look r… Read more »

Sony Plans Spring Launch for European Online Gaming: Sony will launch an online gaming network in Europe next spring for its top-selling Pla… Read more »

IGN Launches Online Game Arcade: IGN Entertainment (Nasdaq:IGNX), formerly, has launched “IGN Play”, an online game arcade whic… Read more »

For Big Game Maker, Online Play Is a Big Gamble: A profile of Electronic Arts, the biggest video-game maker in the business–potentially wea… Read more »

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Fantasy Football Players Cry Foul on Fee:, the last of the major free fantasy football sites, has instituted an 11th-hour plan t… Read more »

Online Gaming Set to Take Off in Singapore: Singapore’s market for Internet-based gaming is set to reach $9.2 million by 2005, from just $1.… Read more »

Will Declining Birth Rates in Japan Affect Online Gaming Revenues: An interesting point in this story on Japanese game software maker Square… Read more »

Sony’s Online Gaming Plans a Big Gamble: Sony will release on Aug. 27 a network adapter that allows its PlayStation 2 game console to tap in… Read more »

Will PS2′s Online Gaming Gamble Pay Off?: The video and digital gaming industry is closely watching Sony’s push to move PlayStation 2 game c… Read more »

PlayStation 2′s Online Plans: Sony will launch its online gaming offering for the PlayStation 2, giving it a headstart of over two months on… Read more »

Net’s Newest Boomtowns: Online Virtual Worlds: Business 2.0 has a fascinating story on how game publishers such as Sony are raking in money… Read more »

Korea’s National Pastime: Game With Elves: South Korea’s NCSoft runs the biggest online multi-player game in the world. On any given day, “L… Read more »

Sony’s EverQuest Largest Game Weekend Ever: Sony Online Entertainment announced that EverQuest, its online role-playing game, hosted 100,000… Read more »

CNET Trying to Develop New Revenues Streams, Including Subscriptions: CNET Networks, which has been hit hard by weak high-tech spending and… Read more »

IGN Adds 11,000 New Subscribers in Q2: IGN Entertainment, f.k.a., has posted a second-quarter net loss of $1.3 million, compare… Read more »

Mobile Gaming Hinges on Micro-Billing Systems: A new study from Frost & Sullivan reveals that the mobile gaming industry worldwide generated… Read more »

Altnet Tops 2 Million: Altnet P2P network, which is distributed along with the popular KaZaa file-swapping software, has clocked more than 2… Read more »

Credit Cards May Default on Gaming: E-gaming companies (that is, Internet gambling casinos etc., NOT network gaming) could see their growth… Read more »

Korea is the biggest online gaming country in the world, and a small upstart NC Interactive is planning to make a run at it, against giants… Read more »

The Economist takes a look at the gaming industry, the “rare bright spot in the gloomy technology industry.” Besides the physical consoles m… Read more »

IGN Raises $2 Million: IGN Entertainment (Nasdaq: IGNX), which till recently was called, has raised $2 million in a private pl… Read more »

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