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(See our part I here) A detailed story on why Comcast needs to reinvent is companies like CBS trying to develop “cable bypass”,… Read more »

Updated at 11:15 PM PST:
So says WSJ…Google and Comcast are in “serious discussions” to buy a minority stake in AOL. The stake is for the… Read more »

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OK, that’s taking it out of context…but you get the drift. Google, afterstumbling hard with TV content rights holders in January, is kicks… Read more »

I wanted to say only the Shadow knows but that may be reaching too far back culturally. Google’s dizzying expansion in multiple directions h… Read more »

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Google and Sun plans to announce a “collaborative effort” in Silicon Valley, reports Reuters. Sun issued a media advisory on Monday saying t… Read more »

Now that there’s a lot of heat surrounding Google plans with its library/book scanning project, Yahoo is ramping up its efforts, but in a pu… Read more »

… for coming to your collective senses about dealing with the press. CNET’s story about Google’s index on steroids included quote… Read more »

The blog search field is getting hot: Google has just launched a blog search engine, in beta …the site is now live here. The FAQs are up h… Read more »

Nothing to it, multiple well-placed sources have told me…the only thing that is fueling the Google-Reuters rumor is trading desks which ha… Read more »

This is the craziest rumor doing the round of trading desks in London now: Reuters, which is making presentations with in U.S. institutional… Read more »

As we metioned before, the fight’s gettign more interesting: Yahoo, which gained Viacom sites as a client for its online advertising/contexu… Read more »

Google, which has been considering getting into offline ad sales for some time now, is quietly testing the waters of print advertising sales… Read more »

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