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Another reason for the explosion of babble over Google talk: it’s August. Actually, now that the suspense is over, the biggest question bein… Read more »

Because we haven’t written enough about Google today … the New York Times looks at Google’s growing power base and suggests “Relax, Bill G… Read more »

This could all turn out to be misdirection from Google but Download Squad has posted notes and screen grabs from a session in Google Talk. O… Read more »

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Last week, Google celebrated the first anniversary of its IPO by registering for a secondary share offering that could raise $4 billion if t… Read more »

Buried in this NYT story by John Markoff, which touched on Google Sidebar launch (covered in the post below): it plans to unveil on Wednesda… Read more »

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A story joining some dots in some recents moves by Google, and comes to this conclusion: The gatekeeper of the world’s information could bec… Read more »

At a time when other competitors are beginning to start this, Google will temporarily stop scanning copyright-protected books from libraries… Read more »

Google generates nearly all of its revenue from search advertising, but search accounted for only 21 percent of the time that U.S. visitors… Read more »

Google has bought out Brazil’s Akwan Information Technologies, which it will use to set up a research and development center for Latin Ameri… Read more »

Whew, that’s over. Google finally broke the $300 barrier, closing at $303.82. We are not trying to re-open the “Google as media company” deb… Read more »

Another piece of the Google video puzzle is slated to fall into place today, according to John Battelle: video playback via an in-browser me… Read more »

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