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Lots of scrambling as news orgs play catch up with the WSJ report late Friday that Google plans to compete with eBay’s PayPal on the e-pay f… Read more »

Maybe each search engine could have their own day for announcements, sort of like DVD Tuesday. The latest enhancement comes from Google, now… Read more »

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Our readers continue to respond a question raised by the fuss over whether Google should be deemed a media company. Eli Chapman, co-founder,… Read more »

Following the fuss over Google being valued higher than Time Warner by the market-cap measure, offers a solidly cynical look at… Read more »

Google is targeting B2B with a Millward Brown study that shows how search advertising can be more effective than traditional trade journals,… Read more »

Updated: This is like watching someone inflate a balloon beyond anything that seems rational and waiting for it to pop. Propelled by a CSFB… Read more »

Google opened the door to its controversial online library late Thursday with the launch of a book-specific search page. Print.Google.Com ma… Read more »

Last week it was Google showing off a high-density gigapixel version of Keyhole. Today at “D”, Bill Gates announced and previewed MSN Virtua… Read more »

To some observers, two of Google’s latest moves — the personalized home page and My Search History — help answer the company’s need to kno… Read more »

In general, people are having a very hard time with the announcement of Google’s personalized home page — either overestimating the importa… Read more »

Tons of copy still coming in about yesterday’s Google Factory Tour and the products discussed or launched during the dog-and-pony show. Not… Read more »

:Google literally just launched the beta of a personalized home page that integrates all Google products. Users still have the option of the… Read more »

Just followed a Silicon Valley Beat pointer to Snap’s beta news search engine. It isn’t going to put other news search services out of busin… Read more »

Another day, another Google advertising move. Lots of buzz about Google’s test of AdSense ads in RSS feeds. Jason Calacanis is even using al… Read more »

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