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For now, the Google Video upload project is very much in the collect-and-review phase.
[Jennifer Feikin, director of video at Google] conced… Read more »

Slightly speculative, but Google would definitely be relevant in the on-demand world on TV…
Related: Searching Television via Closed-Capti… Read more »

I mentioned about Google and Reed Elsevier now collaborating on various initiatives..some more details.
Among them: The first provides users… Read more »

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Well, what’s new? At the recently conculed AOP conference in UK, Associated New Media managing director Andrew Hart said that Net search fir… Read more »

In a deal that could give a boost to local search marketing, Google has acquired Keyhole Corp., which sells online satellite maps.
Keyhole o… Read more »

So is Gbrowser vaporware? Google has ruled out embarking on a new instalment of the “browser wars” with Microsoft, according to Eric Schmidt… Read more »

In its first earnings report as a public company, Google posted a Q3 profit of $52 million, which more than doubled year over year, thanks t… Read more »

Google watchers abuzz about the search darling’s new desktop tool are already betting on its next product: instant chat. Read more »

Google rolled out a preliminary version of its new desktop search allows users to search e-mail in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Ex… Read more »

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Google’s nearly year-old Google Print program is set for a huge expansion of content through the launch of a new program today allowing publ… Read more »

I am not the only one dreaming of conspiracy theories surrounding Google News…well, it is more of a fact: The minute Google News runs paid… Read more »

Well, simple, it registered…
ZDnet: Analysts agree that it would be of little benefit for Google to create a browser from scr… Read more »

Even though the story confuses it up, this is part of the “Google Print” program…the company added more offline magazines to the effort, a… Read more »

“Is Google going to become a portal someday? One can argue that tomorrow showed up early. Even if we will never agree on how to define a por… Read more »

A plausible speculation: Google is investing heavily in JavaScript-powered desktop-like web apps like Gmail and Blogger. Google could use th… Read more »

Much ado about nothing…besides the post, read the comments posted by Neil Pharazyn from Newsknife… Read more »

It seems that multimedia search engines are making a comeback, and Google is likely to add audio and video clips to its search service, acco… Read more »

Google has acquired Picasa, a Pasadena, CA-based company specializing in digital photography.
Earlier this year Picasa had inked a technolog… Read more »

Google, which has filed for a $2.7 billion IPO, has applied to list its shares on the Nasdaq Stock Market, the company said in a regulatory… Read more »

Google is aiming to complete its long-awaited IPO as soon as this month, FT reports.
Google filed its intent to raise money through an IPO a… Read more »

Most of you are probably familiar with “Google Print”, an effort by Google to index offline or premium content, It started last year with bo… Read more »

“Google has actually complemented Factiva,” CEO Clare Hart told ZDNet Australia, adding that while it was useful for generic information, ne… Read more »

So much for the controversy…CMP is NOT blocking Google News, rather “those cases must have been mistakes and it does not intentionally blo… Read more »

CMP Media, the trade technology media company, is blocking Google News users from its site, reports Jon. The blocking is not happening for m… Read more »

Google has introduced a program that lets Web publishers add Google Web search to their site and then earn money from the related text ads.… Read more »

“Because Google has established itself so indelibly in the search category, we think it could experience branding challenges as it expands i… Read more »

Google is considering renewing support for the popular RSS Web publishing format in some services. Along with rival Atom, RSS is a leading c… Read more »

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