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loading external resource “The great irony of your click-bait strategy is, it may actually be counterproductive…and it’s an especially egregious public disservice to not include the location when discussing something like, oh I dunno, A PRISONER ON THE LAM.” Meet Alex Mizrahi, the man behind @HuffPoSpoilers, who thinks five […] Read more »

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Photo: Monaco Mediax ©
photo: Photo: Monaco Mediax ©

Huffington Post has a new CEO who will be tasked with building traffic and revenue and continuing the brand’s international expansion. The move comes at a time when parent company AOL appears to have figured out how to manage its media properties. Read more »


Aol has been in turnaround mode for years — this time, it looks like the turns are in the right direction. Advertising up, revenue decline almost flat, subscription churn lowest in a decade, latest re-org underway. Read more »

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