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I’m not sure exactly how to term this…Indian telco Reliance Infocomm is offering help to developers to promote the creation of mobile cont… Read more »

Independent record label TVT has signed Moderati to be its exclusive distributor for all master recording-based ringtones and ringback tones… Read more »

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Cellebrum is claiming a million subscribers to its Background Tone service in India, which plays music in the background of a conversation.… Read more »

Top five stories of the week from our Indian site ContentSutra:
– India Rejects Negroponte’s $100-A-Laptop For Kids Project
– A Third Of e… Read more »

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Hutch, Radio Mirchi, Nokia and HP have announced they are rolling out a visual radio service in India. “Visual radio allows listeners to tun… Read more »

Sify, the big portal company in India (listed on Nasdaq) announced its Q2 earnings today, and a CEO change, with further senior management c… Read more »

Media companies are seeking new platforms to deliver content on so they can reach their audiences in more places, at more times. Mobile is a… Read more »

This is a real leg up for Walt Disney Internet Group in India. After a recent deal with Bharti Airtel, the company is tying up with Reliance… Read more »

High-end phones in India are coming preloaded with songs, a common move around the globe designed to increase usage of mobile phones for lis… Read more »

This is an interesting note from India about branded vs non-branded games…one company (Nazara Technologies) paid cricketer Tendulkar an es… Read more »

There’s a short piece here about a consortium being set up to launch a T-DMB service in India in October. “The MoTV Consortium led by ABSi c… Read more »

“The Indian government is targeting 250 million telephone connections in the country by next year, and plans to step up to 500 million conne… Read more »

Indian division of Newscorp’s STAR TV is ramping up its mobile content media initiatives. STAR India plans to launch a dedicated multi-lingu… Read more »

India’s Reliance Communications thinks data usage will grow to a significant portion of its revenue (although at the moment it doesn’t seem… Read more »

A couple of subscriber stats that hit my inbox today…
The updated version of India’s Wireless Market: Model for the Next Phase of Global W… Read more »

Our India-focused site:
– Airtel In Exclusive Pact With Disney Internet Group To Distribute Content
– Reliance Entertainment Interested In… Read more »

This article covers the mobile content world extensively, from new-born promise to the rocky shores of reality that dreams crash upon. It is… Read more »

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