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Steve Jobs enters the stage wearing his standard uniform of jeans and a mock black turtleneck. He thanks everyone for coming — all 5,200 at… Read more »

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The US Patent Office has approved an Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) patent for what looks like an instant messenger application for the iPhone, with som… Read more »

A couple of new services are sending video to the iPhone, which has been hampered by a narrow choice of supported video formats (Flash being… Read more »

Rumors of a 3G iPhone coming out in June have been around for a while…now Fortune makes the unsubstantiated report that AT&T (NYSE: T) pla… Read more »

O2 will stop selling the 8GB iPhone, according to an internal memo reported by Engadget. The memo reportedly reads: “Due to the highly succe… Read more »

It had to happen: UK operator O2 is slashing the price of the 8GB version of the iPhone to £169 ($332) from £269 ($528), prompting more ch… Read more »

T-Mobile Germany has slashed the cost of an 8GB iPhone to a mere 99 euros ($156) from 399 euros ($628), in what analysts are saying is an at… Read more »

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