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QuinStreet is shrinking the size of its IPO. The online marketing company now says it expects to raise about $165 million by selling stock t… Read more »

Facebook Fraud
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The two major investors in Facebook, speaking today at DLD in Munich, put a line in the sand: read their lips, no IPO for the company in 201… Read more »

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Genealogy company has filed for an IPO and plans to raise about $75 million in the offering, according to an SEC filing. It pla… Read more »

Broken Exit
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First, the good news: There were actually four three venture-backed IPOs in the second quarter, compared to only one over the prior 13 month… Read more »

Global deal-making in the telecom sector fell sharply in the final quarter of 2008, with the total M&A count coming in at 129, compared to 1… Read more »

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