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Index Corp, the big Japanese mobile content provider, has tied up with fellow-Japanese media rights firm Sojitz to launch a $2.2 million New… Read more »

AllAbout, the Japanese human-compiled portal (the Japanese version of has debuted strong on the stock market: its shares soar 727… Read more »

Toshiba and two other comapnies in Japan have started trials of a DVD content distribution service, “Hikari de DVD,” that delivers video to… Read more »

Continuing on the Net-Sports connection, Japanese mobile content giant Index Corp has bought French professional soccer club Grenoble Foot 3… Read more »

An interesting story about how Net firms in Japan are trying to buy out baseball teams…for example, Net services company Livedoor hopes to… Read more »

Yahoo Japan Corp plans to take a 41.3% stake in All About, for 2.3 billion yen (US$20.9 million), with an eye toward a tie-up in Internet ad… Read more »

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