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When Dan Gillmor writes, it is probably best to listen…”I have no religious attachment to open-source vs. proprietary software. I use both… Read more »

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Sun Microsystems has begun trying to rally corporate allies behind a neutral, open-source DRM project, called the Open Media Commons. The DR… Read more »

Some interesting digital content related patents granted this month, by the USPTO:
– # 6,925,504: Methods and apparatus for obtaining conte… Read more »

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Acacia, the controversial digital-media patent holding company, has reported its Q2 results and a bunch of details on its growing portfolio… Read more »

Companies are trying to profit from patents, but do they protect unsung inventors–or opportunist litigants? A story which includes… Read more »

Seventy-two hours into the post-Grokster era and the actual ramifications of the U.S. Supreme Court decision have yet to be determined. Cons… Read more »

Parse the ruling, goes this school of though, and you’ll see a decision against Grokster and services that intentionally flaunt the rules bu… Read more »

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