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: Usually, most of the campaigning at Cannes Film Festival is for awards but actor/producer Morgan Freeman, his Revalations Entertainment pa… Read more »

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And lots of other words the more I read about this new idea of combining RFID tags with biometrics to preserve the sanctity of a DVD or othe… Read more »

The rollout of more attractive media services limited to specific DRMs, devices, etc. could be spuring more demand for consumer rights when… Read more »

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A rather strange rambling story, though rings true, in more ways than one: mobile music players need to let the market flourish on its own,… Read more »

I’ll be at Jupitermedia’s DRM Strategies Conference later in the day (around noon)…I see that some of my regular readers are on some of th… Read more »

Digeo, the Paul Allen-backed maker of software and services for digital cable TV, has settled a patent infringement suit with PalmSource, ma… Read more »

AgentArts, a content personalization technology company, has received an interesting patent…it sounds a bit like’s collaborativ… Read more »

This is about the whole ContentGuard controversy in EU, where EU wants to investigate shareholders Microsoft and Time Warner…this explains… Read more »

Bill Gates believes the fight to stop file-swapping online is a lost cause. “You can’t intercede,” he said. The trick, he added, is to use D… Read more »

Another interoperability alliance is being formed: The Coral Consortium will initially draw on support from giants including HP, Sony, Phili… Read more »

Four good stories on DRM, on Indicare website…
– An introduction to Privacy Rights Management: Combine DRM and privacy, simple…
– Righ… Read more »

BTG, a London-based IP firm, has filed suit against,, and two other Net companies for infringing on patents…… Read more »

Th EU opened up a four-month long investigation into Microsoft and Time Warner’s agreement to control ContentGuard, the DRM patent holder. S… Read more »

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has handed Microsoft a second victory in its dispute with Eolas, rejecting browser patent claims that c… Read more »

(via IPcentral): A 40-age HTML and PDF file/report released by the Congressional Budget Office, on copyright issues in digital media.
The pa… Read more »

Om points to an interesting experimental model on trying to assess the cost of DRMing content versus the cost of file sharing on the media a… Read more »

Now both can kill each other in the market instead of the courts…Google will license a patent held by Overture Services, which Yahoo acqui… Read more »

DRM adoption will lock out Linux and open-source software, Martin Fink, HP’s vice president for Linux said. “Unfortunately, DRM and open-sou… Read more »

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