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Leonardo Chiariglione, the founder of Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG), is moving ahead with his new Digital Media Project (DMP), hoping… Read more »

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According to the quarterly report Adobe filed with the SEC, the company was sued June 2 in U.S. District Court for Colorado by Information T… Read more »

That may be a tough headline to swallow, but play is an interesting interview with one of the key players in the DRM market…
It… Read more »

Large companies concerned with protecting digital documents and e-mail are expected to increase spending dramatically on DRM software, Jupit… Read more »

I’ve started a new category on the site on patents in digital media sector, and the controversies and issues which come out of enforcing tho… Read more »

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published a list of top 10 patents it wants killed, or at least redefined. The EFF said all 10 patent… Read more »

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More patents in digital media: Digital Envoy has been granted a patent for its IP Intelligence technology. The technology pinpoints the phys… Read more »

This patent granted last week to AOL may or may not fructify, but it is an interesting way to deliver TV to online IM users…
The gist of t… Read more »

Last week it was Cory Doctorow, this week it was Dave Weinberger…”A pay-per-use system and allowing artists to control their works much pa… Read more »

Cory Doctorow gives a lecture to MSFT’s execs on why the software giant should get out of DRM. Here’s the gist of the argument:
1. That DRM… Read more »

The only plausible explanation for Beatles turnround to consider selling their songs online is that they have seen Microsoft’s Janus DRM cap… Read more »

Microsoft filed a blistering brief asking the U.S. Court of Appeals to overturn a $565 million patent infringement judgment. The 174-page do… Read more »

Established biometric vendor Veritouch has teamed up with Swedish design company to produce iVue: a wireless media player that allows conten… Read more »

When will this patenting madness stop in….or rather where? I’m all for protecting intellectual property, but not something which is almost… Read more »

This is bordering on ridiculousness…the rise of patent-acquisition startups…
One such company, Intellectual Ventures, a Bellevue, Washin… Read more »

It’s the mating season for DRM players, for some reason…well, there are some logical reasons, business wise. First there was Microsoft and… Read more »

We mentioned Microsoft’s new DRM project Janus here before… has more details on it and how the Microsoft copy-protection technolog… Read more »

Not sure what to make out of this…Skylight Software has announced its intention to sell-off one of its inventions — a patent it owns in t… Read more »

HP has licensed Intel’s high-bandwidth digital content protection technology, which is designed to ensure that video cannot be intercepted a… Read more »

(sub. req.) (Updated): Disney, a week after being snubbed by Steve Jobs on the Pixar deal, has tied up with Microsoft, though the details re… Read more »

A thing like this can only happen in our dear little England…the govt. new media regulatory body Ofcom is planning an investigation into D… Read more »

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