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A secretive effort to secure music and video on wireless devices will come out of the shadows next week, when Open Mobile Alliance’s “Projec… Read more »

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A company with patents covering Web ads–including pop-ups–is seeking to exploit its rights, beginning with a lawsuit filed against ESPN, T… Read more »

Philips Electronics said Tuesday that it was six months away from launching a system against illegal copying that will allow consumers to pl… Read more »

AT&T on Thursday filed suit against eBay and PayPal, alleging patent infringement…That patent, according to AT&T, describes “transactions… Read more »

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SightSound Technologies, a digital media company, has won a ruling in its patent case against Bertelsmann subsidiaries that could have wide-… Read more »

E-Data, a Long Island-based company that’s focused largely on licensing its patents, contends that Microsoft, ISP Tiscali and digital music… Read more »

Moving swiftly to soften potential penalties from a multi-million dollar patent infringement loss, Microsoft plans to release a new version… Read more »

Microsoft has expanded its relationship with BIOS maker Phoenix Technologies in a deal designed to more closely integrate the basic building… Read more »

Jupitermedia seems to be acting like a drunk teenager on a prom night these days, when it comes to acquisitions. It has bought out DRM Watch… Read more »

A small US company called E-Data has sued the HMV Group and UK online music distributor OD2 over a far-reaching European and US patent that… Read more »

Microsoft moved forward on its DRM strategy this week, releasing the first of several Windows add-ons associated with the technology and rev… Read more »

“The W3C said Microsoft’s changes to the IE browser may affect a large number of existing Web pages and urged the Web community to start con… Read more »

Apple’s iTunes service does use DRM technology — for example, users may not e-mail downloaded music files to unlimited numbers of other use… Read more »

Software titan Microsoft is driving interest in enterprise DRM. The company plans to become more heavily involved in this technology via Mic… Read more » Exclusive: A financial technologist has patented an idea, which if implemented and adopted, could overturn how we pay for in… Read more »

NCR has settled a patent-infringement case it brought against Yahoo last year. The company sued Yahoo in December, accusing it of infringing… Read more »

Entriq, a broadband content commerce service provider, has tied up with RealNetworks, to deploy its Helix DRM and provide the DRM to its cli… Read more »

The lawsuit by Friskit against RealNetworks may prove to be a disaster for the streaming giant if it is proven: it might be barred from usin… Read more »

A Los Altos, Calif., inventor has withdrawn a patent infringement lawsuit against a dozen small newspapers…Paul Heckel alleged in the suit… Read more »

DRM firm SealedMedia has secured $4 million in its fourth round of financing led by Pond Venture Partners and Crescendo Ventures. Proceeds f… Read more »

Siemens and Mobileway have intensified their collaboration with the launch of ‘Over-The-Air’ (OTA) micro payment solution, based on premium… Read more »

An analysis article following the release of a white paper by Cryptography Research Inc, containing recommendations for a new type of archit… Read more »

Online movie subscription site Movielink, a joint venture of five Hollywood movie studios, is being sued for patent infringement by USA Vide… Read more »

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