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Samsung has interpretive dancers during its press conference unveiling bada at MWC 2010
photo: Tricia Duryee

The biggest news events at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona were Microsoft’s Windows 7 unveiling and Google’s massive prolifer… Read more »

Motorola Calgary -- An Android phone?
photo: AndroPhones

U.S. consumers are continuing to base their phone-buying decision on how well the device sends text messages, which is leading to an increas… Read more »

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»  It’s a bit more realistic that Sprint could be announcing a WiMax phone made by LG (SEO: 066570), running Windows Mobile, at CE… Read more »

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LG Cookie
photo: LG

Analysts are predicting that LG (SEO: 066570), the world’s third largest handset maker, may ship up to 20 percent more cellphones this year,… Read more »

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