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Even Conde Nast wants to join the party: it is planning to launch three new broadband video-heavy destination sites by mid-2006. This from a… Read more »

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Primedia, the poor-not-so-little trade media company which everyone loves to make fun of (and here I’m making fun of it too…and it is my o… Read more »

Not as high visbility as some other deals in the last few days, but anyway..from nanopublishing deals to nanotech: Small Times, one of the f… Read more »

An interview with Cathleen Black, president of publishing corporation Hearst Magazines, and on the affect of technology and new media on the… Read more »

Bambi calls the Playboy PR bluff…last week it announced the launch of an electronic/digital edition, and media outlets jumped on it as a m… Read more »

This should be interesting to watch..Conde Nast is making its first foray into the business arena, and will start up a monthly business maga… Read more »

(reg. req.): A long interview/profile of Felix Dennis, the head of Dennis Publishing, the parent of magazines like Maxim, The Week, and othe… Read more »

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