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This who know him will attest: it has certainly been different than the rest of the market, and that’s saying it all, really. In this story,… Read more »

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Meanwhile, spoiling the magazine party a little bit (read post below), online B2B publishing is eating into the market share of printed busi… Read more »

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A series of stories in the latest issue of BtoB, on the occasion of its fifth anniversary. Some good stories on the utility of trade press a… Read more »

OJR’s Mark Glaser convenes a virtual roundtable on the future of magazines with participants David Abrahamson, Northwestern University journ… Read more »

On the heels of the prediction that will outpace Forbes the magazine by 2006, Jesse Kornbluth bites the hands that fed him for so… Read more » relaunched this week with access to a digital edition of the print magazine. The digital edition goes online Sunday nights before… Read more »

Everyone and their mother-in-law in the trade community has the blog fever: InternetWorld, the magazine, which closed down in May last year,… Read more »

This one is in the same vein as the story of the hottest topics at MPA’s annual summit is whether magazines should charge for the… Read more »

Or as Rex Hammock calls it, “Redux Herring”…The magazine published a prototype earlier this month, with 8,000 copies going to potential re… Read more »

(via E-Media tidbits): A good overview of various strategies employed by magazine sites…examples of, Time Interactive, Maxim on… Read more »

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