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John Battelle says that and (and by extension their print versions) are irrelevant because they don’t allow deeplinkin… Read more »

I have to say…all the doubts about Rolling Stone losing its way were probably alarmist. I still buy and read it occasionally, and the late… Read more »

Thomson Corporation, the electronic publishing group controlled by Canada’s Thomson family, has agreed to sell its print-based media divisio… Read more »

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The age-old story: the founder wants more money to expand the franchise, but doesn’t want to give up control… Read more »

Variety is going to launch an online media and entertainment jobs site called VarietyCareers…it will launch on Oct 18…
Should be fun com… Read more »

(reg. req.): Lofty aim for Rip&Burn, the music magazine being launched by Haymarket on October 1..the magazine’s aimed at the downloading gn… Read more »

Some more details on Red Herring’s print launch as a weekly: it recently hired veteran tech journalist Joel Dreyfuss as its new editor-in-ch… Read more »

Even though the story confuses it up, this is part of the “Google Print” program…the company added more offline magazines to the effort, a… Read more »

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This is really funny: “So, just to bring us all up to speed regarding these vaporzines: The Red Herring is selling subscriptions to a weekly… Read more »

AlwaysOn, the usually-off online news and networking site started by Tony Perkins, is launching a print quarterly magazine, according to a n… Read more »

(via Dan Gillmor) The IDG linking policy controversy creeps up again…this time it is barring CNET’s, it seems… Read more »

Nice magazine promo…subscribe to the magazine, and get two complimentary song downloads…through MusicRebellion… Read more »

In this post on VF’s James Wolcott starting a blog (a feat in itself), an interesting bit: Vanity Fair, among the last holdouts from the Con… Read more »

An interesting overview of the fashion webzines…In the business, they’re known as affiliate sites, and they’re an important driver of appa… Read more »

I’m leafing through the first issue of the new Playlist magazine, and I’ve to say: it passes the muster. I’m amazed at the amount of advert… Read more »

A “flurry” of activity in lifestyle/woman’s magazines trying to develop viable presence online…The latest experiments are prompted in part… Read more »

This will give you an idea of Forbes’ electronic newsletters push…they’re trying to position the investment advice-related newsletters sep… Read more »

BusinessWeek has been hiring aggressively for its online advertised a post on my site a couple of weeks ago, and has four more… Read more »

Well, it is decided: Red Herring’s print magazine is returning as a weekly…48 issues a year, priced at $1 an issue for subscription (intro… Read more »

(via Rexblog) Apparently, the Apple hammer extends beyond iTunes. Mac Publishing, the owner of Macworld magazine, has changed its plans to l… Read more »

Primedia is now downplaying the Folio/AD/CM magazine says that it will be a joint partnership rather than outright sale. Makes sens… Read more »

Primedia, in an effort to get out of its magazine decline quagmire, is extending its print and online brands onto wireless, through two sepa… Read more »

(via Rex Hammock): Well, call it what it is…online magazine websites are now offering some new-fangled tools, more than just shovelware, t… Read more »

Mark my words: will drop the ad-within-editorial text “experiment”…the backlash is growing. There was a story today on PRI’s Ma… Read more »

The digital music one-off magazine from IDG, called Playlist, may be expanded, depending on the reception…Originally, speculation was that… Read more »

NYT picks up the story by DMNews yesterday: is now putting in ad links within the text o stories, using a service called IntelliT… Read more »

And I thought online-to-offline extensions went dead..but the gadget bubble is bringing it back…
Ziff Davis will launch ExtremeTech magazi… Read more »

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