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Looks like this is new..Reed Business Information is combining its publisher/academic focused sites (Publisher’s Weekly, Library Journal and… Read more »

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Wired magazine has launched its first blog…it is using Tripod’s blog tool, which is slightly “live-journalish”…
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Rex Hammock has to be the most bitingly funny guy in the magazine biz…his blog is a great read.
He’s coined a new term: Dejazine: it is a… Read more »

This seems to be new: Time magazine has started a weblog by its political/war columnist Tony Karon…
Other major magazines which have alrea… Read more », the site of the famously anti-commercial Consumer Reports magazine, is getting a “buy” button…it has introduced a pil… Read more »

Technology Review has launched a blog…the blog functionality is still pretty basic: it needs permalinks and an RSS feed. But it has great… Read more »

Makes perfect sense…(minus the spin)
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Business 2.0 website recently went behind a subscription wall recently (first reported here): editor Josh Quittner explains in the August is… Read more »

A story on how magazine are slowly but surely getting it right online..or so this story says. Personalization, audience measurement systems,… Read more »

An article by Alan Meckler, the original founder of IW magazine, which closed down last week. Read more »

There seems to a big shakeout at Infoworld…many of the original columnists are leaving, and many of them are starting ther own weblogs. Se… Read more »

The New Republic’s Print Stories To be Available Only to Subscribers Online: Following up on the news earlier last week, TNR’s print edition… Read more »

New Republic to Debut Content Online Before Print: The venerable New Republic, as part of its print magazine makeover, will also launch a ne… Read more »

I have serious doubts, though the story says otherwise. Something which the story does not cover: Gizmodo will kick Dig-It’s ass any day. Fo… Read more »

Reader’s Digest Launches Website for Dieters: Reader’s Digest has launched, a subscription-based online service and resource f… Read more »

Consumer Reports Reports on Online Content:, one of the oldest and most successful paid content sites, surpassed 1 milli… Read more » Goes Subscription: So when did this happen? Not exactly sure if this is news, but seems like went subscription when Utne R… Read more »

Dig_iT, the new digital lifestyle magazine launched by tech veterans including PC World founding editor (and former Upside editor) David Bun… Read more » to Have its First Profitable Year in 2003: This according to Christie Hefner, CEO of Playboy Enterprises, delivering her speech… Read more »

Broadcasting & Cable Magazine Turns Into a Subscription Site (via TV industry trade magazine Broadcasting & Cable has turned… Read more » Aligns Print and Online Subscription Prices: The subscription rate for, previously priced almost 80 percent less tha… Read more »

Dennis Interactive Charges for Game Site: Dennis Publishing’s new-media arm, Dennis Interactive (in U.K.), is to charge for content for the… Read more »

Interesting Facts and Figures about Some interesting facts about, the companion website for the ven… Read more »

Playboy Online Now has 131,000 Subscribers: The online division of Playboy has narrowed its losses to $2.9 million, a 53 percent improvement… Read more »

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