More microsoft Stories is expected to announce a deal with Microsoft on Thursday to use the latest version of the software giant’s digital media technol… Read more »

MSFT is e-mailing users of MSN Calendar, an online calendar service, telling them they must subscribe to MSN 8 by June 24 or lose access to… Read more »

Microsoft on Thursday released a version of its MSN Internet service for the Mac OS X operating system as the software giant scrambles to ad… Read more »

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Verizon and Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled their long-awaited joint DSL service for $34.95 a month, with a $5 discount for customers of certa… Read more »

(via Frank Barnako): MSN Radio Plus, a new radio subscription service, in competition with services such as Yahoo Launch and RealOne RadioPA… Read more »

MSN is planning to offer its photo service only to subscribers of MSN 8, an Internet service that bundles online services such as e-mail and… Read more »

Microsoft is readying a new version of Xbox Live with advanced community features such as voice chat and locater services that operate indep… Read more »

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Apple Computer’s new music service could help shift the battle to control digital media away from Microsoft’s proprietary file formats, acco… Read more »

Following yesterday’s announcement of RealNetworks buying, analysts predict Microsoft is interested in acquiring Chicago-based Fu… Read more »

Like America Online, Microsoft’s MSN Internet service is feeling the pinch of competition from both high-speed and budget dial-up ISPs…how… Read more »

Stories following Apple’s reported ambition to buy Universal Music from Vivendi for $6 billion:
–Now It’s Microsoft: Microsoft has express… Read more »

MSN is Europe’s biggest portal, and it is widening its lead, according to this story. Advertising on MSN’s 17 sites across these regions has… Read more »

A Q&A with Dave Fester, general manager of Microsoft’s Windows Digital Media. According to him, his company’s Windows Media technology balan… Read more »

Microsoft, Sony Set for European Online Gaming War: Sony and Microsoft will open a new front in their computer games battles in Europe later… Read more »

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Passes 350,000 Subscribers: Microsoft has signed up more than 350,000 subscribers worldwide for its Xbox Live online v… Read more »

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Microsoft and Music Choice Team Up to Offer Subscription Music Services in Europe: Music Choice Europe, a digital music broadcaster, has tie… Read more »

Gates: News on Every Wrist: Staci Kramer’s take on Bill Gates’ plans for a new era in which we rely less on the computer — and more on mobi… Read more »

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Microsoft In Talks With Magazine Publishers for Providing Content to TabletPC: Microsoft is in talks with major publishing companies to make… Read more »

Microsoft To Launch a Subscription Service Similar to RealOne?: Following in RealNetworks’ steps, Microsoft is setting itself up as a one-ma… Read more »

MSN To Offer Separate Subscription Browser: Microsoft is unveiling a new version of its MSN service that packages Internet access with an en… Read more »

Microsoft’s Passport May Save Content: For all the criticism Microsoft’s Passport authentication service may have gotten, it may be a good c… Read more »

Get Ready to be Tethered: Newsweek does a story on “Palladium”, the new digital rights management and cryptography system being developed by… Read more »

New Multimedia Format Numbers from NetRatings: As expected, Nielsen-NetRatings has released its revised version of online multimedia statist… Read more »

MSN on VZN: MSN has tied up with Verizon to offer high-speed broadband access by next spring. Microsoft would put $500 million into research… Read more »

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