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Major League Baseball’s launched on Microsoft’s Xbox One Tuesday, giving users of Microsoft’s new game console a way to watch live baseball games as well as replay full games from the archives. As always, blackout rules apply, and users need to have an Xbox Live […] Read more at GigaOM »

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2012 All Star Final Vote Bryce Harper
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Major League Baseball is changing the rules for its contest to select the last two 2012 All-Stars, allowing tweets with official hashtags in the last four hours to equal browser or mobile votes. But can a tweet equal a site visit or SMS in value? Read more »

MLB At Bat

MLB’s office of Advanced Media has had the video streaming and mobile game figured out far longer any of its American peers in professional sports. And their mobile app is having a record-setting season in 2012, with 3 million downloads just a week into baseball season. Read more at GigaOM »

Major League Baseball
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Another week, another media company experimenting with putting up high-profile video content on Facebook. Major League Baseball is letting f… Read more »

Baseball player

YouTube will be broadcasting all Major League Baseball games on its site in Japan next year, in what the company is calling “the largest par… Read more »