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Does a pocket TV sound utopian to you? It is, however, far from that, for a digital TV receiver which works over the Internet has been in te… Read more »

“The phase we are entering [in wireless commerce], the content phase, is one in which people purchase content that is then delivered to thei… Read more »

Siemens has teamed up with German TV channels, 13th Street and Studio Universal (part of Universal Studios) to turn TV shows into a mobile f… Read more »

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Sprint’s PCS division is launching a new video product for users, offering movie reviews, news and sports scores from companies such as Dai… Read more »

RealNetworks will send audio and video streams of sports and news programming to consumers’ mobile phones. The digital media delivery compan… Read more »

European telecom operator Orange and Walt Disney Internet Group have signed a European content distribution agreement, giving Orange custome… Read more »

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Sony Music Entertainment is the first major music company to sign an agreement to publish applications and content for QUALCOMM’s Binary Run… Read more »

A good overview of the wireless cotent market in the U.S. “[T]he licensing action is hot and heavy. Some wireless content distributors belie… Read more »

Comedy Central will license cartoon series South Park to games publisher IN-FUSIO, and will be made available this summer. The deal will lea… Read more »

Japanese mobile phone operators NTT DoCoMo and KDDI have both announced plans to trial services that will allow subscribers to make credit c… Read more »

America Online and Symbian, a developer of advanced cell phone operating systems, have announced a deal to bring AOL services to more cell p… Read more »

Ah, one of the wonders of modern world: $1 billion ringtones market, and that’s a very conservative estimate. “With [handsets with] enhanced… Read more »

Shazam Entertainment, which runs a popular music recognition service for mobile phones in UK, has received $6.6 million in a new round of fu… Read more »

An interview with Ion Valaskakis, head of the Entertainment group for Vodafone Global Content Services. “It won’t be long before we’re able… Read more »

A very informative research into what users do with mobile video, based on a Finnish (where else?) study. Mobile phones suitable for viewing… Read more »

O2, the UK wireless operator, will begin trialling its video download and video messaging services next month among 350 select users, with a… Read more »

While most news sites around the world┬áhave yet to figure how to coax readers into paying for online news, Japan’s No. 2 newspaper Asahi Sh… Read more »

(free registration): A detailed story on the early days of the mobile transactions dream. There are a number of solutions in the market, but… Read more »

Ten percent of the music sold in the world last year was ringtones: $3 billion. That figure from Jay Alan Samit, president, EMI Record Music… Read more »

Mobile content deals are happening fast and furious. SmartServ, a wirless content technology company, has tied up with an undisclosed handse… Read more »

(free registration required): A provocative story by Douglas Rushkoff on how users can make sure that wireless media does not become another… Read more »

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