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Microsoft Calls on T-Mobile: Microsoft and T-Mobile will cooperate in a series of initiatives that will bring the computer giant’s software… Read more »

The Great Wall Redux: Though pornography may prove to be the killer content that drives 3G adoption around the globe, it remains to be seen… Read more »

Mo’ Smut in Japan – Porn and Prostitution: The Japanese mobile Internet is popular after midnight, showing that people might be skipping the… Read more »

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Music Industry To Ring Up New Revenues: Music industry’s new frontier: the world’s 1.1 billion mobile phone users and the sales opportunitie… Read more »

SPD, Qualcomm Play Mobile Games: Sony Pictures Digital and Qualcomm will bring movie-based games to mobile phones. All of these products wil… Read more »

Up Close and Personal: The momentum behind wireless content-especially branded and exclusive content-seems to be rapidly picking up steam, w… Read more »

Who Will Follow the Hedgehog?: Nokia’s newest mobile, NGage, is a cross between a GameBoy and a phone. Sega, which is providing four games,… Read more »

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WES Ogles U.S. Market For Playmates: The Playboy Playmates are coming to mobile phones in North America. That’s according to Wireless Enter… Read more »

New Billing Systems Will Drive Future Success of Wireless Content: The deployment of new billing systems will be a key factor in driving the… Read more »

Cell Phones that Surf for News: Japan’s wireless-crazy populace could be the proving ground for news delivery via cell phones. “Reuters’ off… Read more »

The FeedRoom To Deliver Video News to Cell Phones: Online webcasting solutions provider The FeedRoom will begin delivering video news to cel… Read more »

Nokia Bets That Gaming Phone Will Boost Growth: Nokia has launched a new cellphone, N-Gage, that doubles as a handheld gaming device, thus… Read more »

European Mobile Gaming Worth Over E3bn by 2005: Mobile gaming will generate E500m in Western Europe in 2003 and over E3bn in 2005, a new stu… Read more »

Fun And Games (and Revenues) For Mobile Carriers: An overview of the wireless gaming opportunities for mobile carriers and content developer… Read more »

Vodafone to Offer MSN Services: Vodafone Group plans to launch a service allowing its U.K. subscribers to tap into their Microsoft MSN e-mai… Read more »

Qpass Gets New Credit Facility From Silicon Valley Bank: Qpass, the payment solutions provider for the wireless/content industry, announced… Read more »

Italy’s Mobile Users to Will be Able View Broadcasts Over Their Handsets: Two of Italy’s biggest communications companies, RAI and TIM, have… Read more »

Wireless Game Developer Chasma Receives First Round Funding: Chasma, a mobile wireless gaming publisher, has closed its first round of fundi… Read more »

Wireless Gaming: Finally No Fantasy: As handset hardware and networks improve, carriers see cell-phone fun as the Next Big Thing for firing… Read more »

Robert Marsh, Controller of Telephony Development at Channel 4 Television in the UK talks about the success of SMS TV, its benefits beyond r… Read more »

Verizon Wireless Customers Align With The Stars: Verizon Wireless customers in the U.S. will be able to access astrology predictions from T… Read more »

Virgin Mobile to Open up Third Party Premium SMS: Mobile content providers will soon be able to launch premium SMS services to Virgin Mobile… Read more »

Malaysian Telecom Players Eyes Mobile Content Market: Malaysian telecom company Digi Telecom is aiming to capture at least 20% share of the… Read more »

Mobile P*r-n ‘Could Generate £2.5bn’: A more elaborate story on the statement by the CEO of Private Media Group, reported yesterday. He rec… Read more »

BBC is extending its news text service to India’s 4 million mobile phone users, in a deal with mobile phone company Orange. BBC will provide… Read more »

Shazam Looks for More Material: Music recognition company Shazam has inked an agreement with Key Production, a broker and manufacturer for t… Read more »

Porn Will be 3G’s Killer App: Pornography will be the main driver of third-generation (3G) mobile services demand, according to the CEO of a… Read more »

Pocket PC Films To Distribute Movies on PDA: An interesting story about Pocket PC Films, a company that provides the technology and the cont… Read more »

Forget coupons and advertising; the next frontier for location-based wireless services is the location-appropriate downloadable app. Interes… Read more »

Bandai Announces Launch of i-mode Content Service in Germany: Japanese company Bandai has launched “Charappa,” a content service for the Eur… Read more »

Started as a Gimmick, Ring-Tone Sales Near $1 Billion: I will forever be amazed at the market for ring-tones…I can bet there are at least… Read more »

Paid Content More Successful on Mobile than on the PC: A new report released from Jupiter shows that by 2006 European consumers will spend E… Read more »

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