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Mobile firms eye ‘Playboy’ services: Something which was only a matter of time: Mobile phone companies in UK are turning to soft porn in a b… Read more »

Sprint, Warner Offer Music Service on Cell Phones: Sprint and Warner Music Group on Wednesday announced a deal to offer a streaming music cl… Read more »

Live! and Kickin’, or Is It?: Vodafone Group is pretty pleased with itself, having spent millions of euros on marketing its Live! service in… Read more »

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Buy Your Wireless News Package, When you Buy Your Wireless Phone: That, in essence, is the deal announced by SmartServ, a wireless content s… Read more »

Press O for Orgasm–Audio Erotica Goes Wireless: This one is interesting (perhaps I should start an “adult paid content” category, though tr… Read more »

Data Users Are Fixed-Rate Fans: A research study on the data usage trends for wireless users. “Forty bucks a month is the right price for ca… Read more »

Mobile Content Is Nice, But Is It Worth Paying For?: A analysis story on the wireless content market in wake of AvantGo’s recent acq… Read more »

Sybase Plans to Acquire AvantGo: AvantGo, the wireless communications company, has been bought out by Sybase for $38 million. AvantGo’s soft… Read more »

SMS Finally Picking Up in the U.S.: Nearly half of young adult cell phone users in the United States are using the SMS feature on their cell… Read more »

Shazam’s Songmail Service on Your Cell: Shazam, the company that came up with the software to allow users to identify a song they hear on th… Read more »

loading external resource Survey Finds USers Will Pay for Wireless Content: A survey of more than 550 users found that business professionals ar… Read more »

Disney Goes the International Wireless Route: The Walt Disney Internet Group has signed up with a French and an Italian company to bring its… Read more »

Oplayo Launches Streaming Video on Mobile Handsets in UK: Oplayo, a Finland-based company, intends to deliver streamed video to GPRS phones… Read more »

Private Media Group to Launch Adult Content Chip for PDAs: As usual, the adult industry is two steps ahead of the mainstream media companies… Read more »

Uplifting News For South Africans, For 5p Each: An innovative scheme in South Africa, where mobile users can access “a bottomless well of up… Read more »

Mobile Games Revenue to Increase Ten-Fold in Three Years in Western Europe: Downloadable games will replace ringtones as the service that dr… Read more »

Take the Muzzle Off Mobile Applications: The mobile sector is a stifling place for content and application developers, according to the stor… Read more »

SMS: Publishers Turn Cents Into Dollars: “Online publishers wanting to charge for content should consider [mobile phone's] capabilities. Thi… Read more »

Video Games Make Big Leap to Small Phone Screens: A report on the wireless gaming market. “The games themselves cost anywhere from $2 to $15… Read more »

Premium Pricing Must Become More Flexible: A Q&A with Mike Short, VP of Technology of British telecom company O2, and chairman of the Mobile… Read more »

Ring up the Tone: I don’t have an exact figure, but I can bet there are at least 25 ring tone companies in U.S. alone. And that considering… Read more »

Sony Music Buys Run tones: Record label Sony Music Entertainment has purchased a small New York wireless entertainment company as part of a… Read more »

T-Mobile To Sell Sony Picture’ Content (subscription required): Wireless operator T-Mobile has agreed to buy and distribute content world-wi… Read more »

Nokia Enters Wireless Gaming Market: Nokia plans to start selling a combination game console and cell phone in February next year, hoping to… Read more »

Europe’s New MMS Pricing War: NewMediaZero reports on the new pricing war unleashed by mobile phone operators in Europe, this time over pict… Read more »

Verizon has tied up with to present visual simulations of live sports events and sports news to Internet- enabled cellphones f… Read more »

Revenues From Wireless Content: An analysis of whether wireless content will be the biggest revenue generator in the future. The economics o… Read more »

BMG Launches Music Video Over Wireless: BMG has become the first record label in the world to launch a music video over streaming mobile med… Read more »

Zagat Survey Launches Pocket PC Version: Zagat Survey, the provider of consumer survey-based dining, lodging and leisure information, has la… Read more »

SMS Services in Europe Signals User’s Shift: Text messages for Europe’s mobile phone operators signals an attitude shift among consumers: wi… Read more »

Read all about it! On your mobile. News services for mobiles are now more appealing – but will they succeed? Read more »

Average Revenues Per User for Wireless Predicted to Decline: A new survey ARC Group says that the average revenue per user (ARPU) is set to… Read more »

AvantGo Launches a Subscription Service for $19.95 a Year: AvantGo (Nasdaq: AVGO), the wireless media access service, has launched a subscri… Read more »

Monkey Ball, On your Cell, for $3.99 a Month: Sega Mobile, the wireless gaming division of, has announced the availability of its g… Read more », on Verizon for $4.75: Verizon Wireless subscribers with Qualcomm BREW-enabled phones can now download Wireless for $4… Read more »

Vindigo on Verizon Screens: Vindigo, the provider of wireless city guides, has tied up with Verizon Wirless to offer its services/content on… Read more »

AP’s Radio News, Coming to a Wireless Screen Near You: The Associated Press has begun making some of its radio news broadcasts available thr… Read more »

Nokia, IBM Tie Up for Mobile Content Delivery: Nokia and I.B.M. will jointly develop software to distribute music and other media securely… Read more »

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