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Mobile content provider ClearSky Mobile Media has rolled out a set of two downloadable Hurricane Charley wallpapers, and a portion of the pr… Read more »

Mobile’s suitability for music content doesn’t automatically guarantee success. DoCoMo has already learned this the hard way – its mobile do… Read more »

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Ad and sponsorship packages available…Get in front of the top executives in mobile content sector: Advertise on this website and the e-mai… Read more »

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(sub. req.) Dating services in U.S. go mobile…Many dating sites say they expect the Web to remain their core business, and see mobile offe… Read more »

NPR’s Robert Siegel talks with David Hayes, technology writer for The Kansas City Star, about Sprint TV. The new service goes online, and th… Read more »

Chinese net stock dropped by 10% on Friday after the company announced that its multimedia messaging services with China Mobile Com… Read more »

Mobile content provider SmartServ has reported a fall in revenues, as it moves from pure mobile content distribution to pre-paid wireless se… Read more »

Next month the UK breakfast TV station GMTV will become the latest broadcaster to enable viewers with camera phones to interact directly wit… Read more »

Mtone Wireless, a provider of value-added services to mobile phone users in China–wireless games, dating etc– has withdrawn its IPO plans.… Read more »

In Australia, Telstra has struck a deal with Turner Broadcasting to provide its i-mode subscribers with access to CNN and Cartoon Network co… Read more »

O2 Music, the music arm of U.K.-based international telecom operator mmO2, has started offering songs for download in Germany and the United… Read more »

(via TheFeature) After years of virtually ignoring the gaming industry, VCs are finally ready to play. Jamdat, Digital Chocolate, Sorrent, a… Read more »

According to Handango…The July report includes a list of the ten best-selling applications and ringtones by operating system.
Download the… Read more »

Airborne, a mobile entertainment publisher, has turned to Snapple to create a line of Snapple-themed games, applications, wallpapers and ani… Read more »

In Japan, KDDI has teamed up with Japanese mobile-phone manufacturers to develop a fuel-cell-powered phone equipped with functions for recei… Read more »

“Panda Babies”, one of the first ringtone album worldwide, claims to have beaten the records (Why? Where are the comparitive figures if it… Read more »

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