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Universal Records had previously left the arguments for variable pricing for music downloads to Sony BMG and Warner, but has apparently been… Read more »

The Music Media Watch e-mail newsletter from J@pan Inc Magazine (linked to in the title) has a great article on the mobile music strategies… Read more »

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In UK, Apple and Napster have withdrawn adverts running on P2P file sharing websites following criticism from BPI, the UK record industry as… Read more »

Robbie Williams launched his new album Intensive Care with a concert in Berlin, which was simulcast into 27 cinemas and nightclubs in 11 dif… Read more »

Telephia has released a Mobile Audio Report showing that realtones account for 60% of the ringtone market revenue, mono and polyphonic ringt… Read more »

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Groove Mobile has announced that “over-the-air downloads direct to mobile phones on the Groove Mobile network are the first and only mobile… Read more »

Verizon Wireless unveiled its first consumer phone that doubles as a digital music player on Tuesday. Manufactured by Samsung, the SCH-a950… Read more »

The topline details are in the post prior. This is what it includes on the music and games side:
– Under the music and games agreements, Mi… Read more »

Italian TV channel Rai and 3 Italia announced the launch of a new Rai channel.. it is accessible via 3 Italia’s UMTS videophones. The pilot… Read more »

“More than 200 of America’s most exciting emerging artists are expected to participate in an online ringtone battle of the bands called ‘Kin… Read more »

Robbie Williams, German operators T-Mobile and Sony Ericsson have teamed up to launch a “Robbie Williams special edition W800i mobile phone”… Read more »

ProHipHop is scouting for hip-hop music videos from unsigned artists to feature on a “mobile hip hop network” planned by Mobile Lingo to lau… Read more »

Yeahronimo Media Ventures, owner of the classic Commodore license, is buying out Dutch music and DRM company Lyzia, in an attempt to enter t… Read more »

“3G network operators 3 have announced a partnership with EMI Music UK to supply full-length music videos directly to the company’s 3 millio… Read more »

Artificial Life has agreed on terms for a license deal with Sony BMG to use the label’s music in its V-Disco product. V-Disco is scheduled f… Read more »

Apparently the Rokr isn’t selling very well, which probably doesn’t surprise many people. I also think that if it’s not selling well initial… Read more »

Musicstrands, one of the new music recommendation software startups, has received venture funding from Debaeque Venture Capital. The funds w… Read more »

Word in the hood is that Eminem (Marshall Mathers III) is suing some ringtone companies to get them to stop selling ringtones based on his m… Read more »

Investment banking firm Kaufman Bros went to CTIA, and thought the atmosphere was “somber” and “cautiously enthusiastic”. They sent a short… Read more »

Yes, iRadio is still alive and is supposed to launch in Q1 next year…Motorola, which is launching the service, has signed up Universal Mus… Read more »

“Motorola announced on Tuesday that Universal Music Group will make its music catalogâ Read more »

In-Stat has released a report which claims that mobile music services (either downloads or broadcast) have greater interest amongst US mobil… Read more »

411-Song (previously Musikube) is launching a service in the fourth quarter that will allow people to search for ringtones by speaking into… Read more »

If they are, you won’t find the industry admitting it…the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has released anothe… Read more »

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