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Digital Music Group, a seller of digital musical recordings to online stores, is planning to go public in an IPO of up to $36 million of co… Read more »

Relating to the press release Rafat reported on below…At first I thought the Skype Ringtones and so on were going to be for mobile phones,… Read more »

As we mentioned earlier this month, Skype has launched ringtones and wallpapers for its users, and I was and still am skeptical on it. Anyw… Read more »

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Len Lauer, the Chief Operating Officer of Sprint Nextel, has predicted that “the average data contribution for the industry could grow to a… Read more »

The biggest news I came across at CTIA was SanDisk releasing some mobile content (sort of, we’ll come to that). Before last CTIA the memory… Read more »

Everyone wants to say they’re trumping Apple..anyway, Nokia has unveiled the Nokia 3250 music phone. The new Nokia phone is the first under… Read more »

The French mobile music service cashed out big time…I’ll have more details later…Openwave Systems , the mobile browser company, has boug… Read more »

Van Toffler, president of MTV Networks music/film/logo group gave a keynote at MECCA…I tried recording it but he has the sort of deep, mel… Read more »

First session of MECCA was a discussion on the state of mobile entertainment with Seamus McAteer from M:Metrics and Paul Leakas from Nielsen… Read more »

BitTorrent, the commercial spinoff from the P2P software with the same name, has raised $8.75 million in venture funding, reports PE Week Wi… Read more »

It has been argued by Steve Jobs and widely accepted by most people except carriers and record labels that selling full-track downloads to m… Read more »

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