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AG Mobile and Def Jam Mobile have launched Def Connect, which will offer “six channels of exclusive, made-for-mobile video content including… Read more »

Jamster has issued a response to the recent adjudication by the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency restricting Jamster ads until after 9pm. T… Read more »

At Digital Hollywood, had an interesting chat with Jeff Shultz, the CEO of The Concert Network, the VOD live music channel on Comcast, Adelp… Read more »

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Steve Jobs is skeptical that consumers will be willing to pay more than the 99c price set by iTunes for song downloads. At a news conference… Read more »

The NPD Group has released the results of a survey on mobile music, with some very promising results (of course, different surveys have been… Read more »

GoTV has upgraded Pure Phat — a mobile TV channel dedicated to Hip Hop — to a “a full motion video viewing experience that is as close to… Read more »

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Warner Music Group has signed a deal to create and distribute mobile content based on Donald Trump — who is described as a “pop culture ico… Read more »

Brian Harvey, the former East 17 singer, is behind the Mr Doo Bee Doo ringtone which AEI Mobile was using as a promotion through a competiti… Read more »

A good story on the re-tooling of EMI, the third-largest music label, hinging on digital and mobile music. EMI Music CEO Alain Levy sees fi… Read more »

Network Live, the Kevin Wall-headed live entertainment venture launched earlier this year (our coverage here), and a joint investment from… Read more »

I’m still not convinced about Clear Channel’s online strategy despite their recent aggresive anouncements, though clearly, Evan’s hiring is… Read more »

Well, the calculations, if any, are on the sheer number of users…Skype has launched ringtones and wallpapers for its users. But as this st… Read more »

[by Derek Slater] The afternoon panels focused on radio, specifically payola. The traditional points were made: it’s the public’s airwaves a… Read more »

[by Derek Slater] Jim Urie, President of Universal Music & Video Distribution, provided some interesting data about their back catalog. Of t… Read more »

Juice Wireless and Wildsight Productions have launched two new mobile content services, and, for wildlife enthus… Read more »

Napster president Brad Duea has used Mobile Content World to berate operators for wanting consumers to buy music from them, even if they alr… Read more »

[by Derek Slater] Today’s opening panel brought together heavyweights on both sides of the Grokster aisle, though the discussion was unusual… Read more »

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