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“The [Apple] service feels like half a loaf–it only begins to offer the music experience that is possible with the Internet….I’m talking… Read more »

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There are plenty of kinks that Roxio will need to work out before Napster returns. “For one, [Roxio] relies heavily on burning software (Eas… Read more »

A damning critique of BigChampagne, which monitors and conducts research on peer-to-peer file-sharing networks: “It is troubling that BigCha… Read more »

The new Madrid-based company, called Puretunes, is the second Spanish Web service to try offering access to a vast and otherwise unavailable… Read more »

As part of the deal, Roxio bought a legal digital music distribution infrastructure and catalog rights with all five major music labels for… Read more »

“The industry has long believed that the main music downloading population are teenagers downloading the likes of Eminem and Limp Bizkit, bu… Read more »

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Apple is negotiating with major European record labels to launch a version of its hugely successful iTunes online music download store befor… Read more »

Suing music pirates may scare off a few file-sharers, but providing legal alternatives along the lines of Apple iTunes makes more sense. Read more »

File-Cash, a new “legitimate” P2P sharing network, will launch from June 1, and offer a catalog of music from over 100 independent labels.… Read more »

“According to academics who’ve studied the economics of digital music distribution, the cost still seems too high to attract users of peer-t… Read more »

Buried at the end of the long, long Fortune story I linked to below, a tantalizing possibility: “AOL has been trying to develop its own musi… Read more »

Ed’s Note: “Tying it Up” is a new regular tidbit which will keep a watch on trends, collating news and analysis from not just online content… Read more »

An interview with singer Peter Gabriel on his digital music company OD2 and his belief in the ftire of music subscription services. “The mus… Read more »

A federal judge in Los Angeles has handed a stunning court victory to file-swapping services Streamcast Networks and Grokster, dismissing mu… Read more »

Perhaps the most interesting development in the radio industry for a long time: XM Satellite Radio has introduced a product to deliver their… Read more »

MusicMatch has launched a new web-based version of its music service which will allow workplace users–who either can’t or don’t want to dow… Read more »

A detailed story on how bidding for Vivendi’s Universal Music Group has fallen flat, including considering Apple’s bold bid. “Talks in recen… Read more »

A not-very-flattering review of FullAudio’s MusicNow online music subscription service. Read more »

Stories following Apple’s reported ambition to buy Universal Music from Vivendi for $6 billion:
–Now It’s Microsoft: Microsoft has express… Read more »

An analysis of the possible acquisition of Universal Music by Apple, by the Microsoft-specialist at CNET, writing for BetaNews. “Ap… Read more »

The second Digital Download Day, the music industry?s promotion of unequivocably legal digital music, kicked off in the UK yesterday with th… Read more »

Bands can’t prevent bootlegging, but they can control it more than they have so far. “Beta versions of software become irrelevant when final… Read more »

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