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“With the bigger players — Microsoft, AOL , RealNetworks, Apple and Sony Music — all putting their cards on the table, the hedge-betting h… Read more »

Yahoo Japan has inked a deal with Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, that will allow it to distribute music o… Read more »

Venture capitalist Greg Blonder says there are hard-headed business reasons that support the notion of giving away music. Read more »

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CBS network has rejected a TV ad from Gateway on grounds that it took a stand in the lingering controversy over digital copyrights. Gateway’… Read more »

Gateway is launching a high-profile ad campaign designed to advertise its digital-music services and educate consumers about what “rights an… Read more »

FullAudio launched a revamped version of its music subscription service Wednesday and said it finally had rights to distribute music from al… Read more »

In a significant move for music, Madonna is selling her new antiwar single, “American Life” on her Website, charging $1.49 for the download… Read more »

It’s not the easiest time to be selling music the old-fashioned way. An interview with Pamela Horovitz, president of the National Associatio… Read more »

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Not a very new idea: branded ISP have not gained much ground over the last five years or so. Celebrity branded ISPs such as the one launched… Read more »

New research by Jupiter Research: nearly twice as many online consumers are willing to pay $17.99 for a CD that has unrestricted copy abili… Read more »

Record label Sony Music Entertainment on Wednesday unveiled a new “mobile music” service for cell phones that’s missing something: tunes to… Read more »

Apple’s Chance to Get Online Music Right: The story presents a case for why Apple should break the mold among the online music services, by… Read more »

TerraTec Buys BeSonic Music Service: TerraTec Electronic, the German based sound-card developer, has taken over the internet music service B… Read more »

BT online music service fails whistle test: Trust The Register to always have the last word: BT’s Dotmusic on Demand (DoD) digital music sub… Read more »

BT Group Turns to Music Downloads to Grow Broadband : BT Group announced the commercial launch of a subscription-based music download servic… Read more »

Dutch Firm Opens New Front in Music File-Swapping: Dutch Internet company PGR BV, a privately held company that has its own new file-sharin… Read more »

Pressplay Searches for Ad Agency: West Coast shops will be the focus of an agency search by Pressplay, the online music service. The resulti… Read more »

The Internet as Jukebox, at a Price: A review of all the online music services in the market, the restrictions and the “freedom” they provid… Read more »

Let’s Hear it Again: A new website,, has been launched tthat will allow music fans an opportunity to order digital downloads… Read more »

Digital Music Debate May Rest on the Platform: A report on the Digital Music Forum held in NYC yesterday. “Cable and satellite network opera… Read more »

Full Audio to Rebrand and Relaunch with MusicNow: FullAudio is fine-tuning plans for a revamped–and renamed–service that adds unlimited te… Read more »

Apple Preparing Digital Music Service: Apple Computer is preparing an online music-buying service for Macintosh and iPod users and is close… Read more »

Band Generates Funds for Album Through Website: More and more artists are starting their own fan club subscription services online. The stor… Read more »

Primer on Digital Music Subscription Sites: Here’s a quick comparison on the various subscription music alternatives in the market. Read more »

E-Music Sites Settle on Prices. It’s a Start: After years of confusion, most of the big record labels have coalesced around a set of prices… Read more »

Why File-Sharing Advocats Resist: “For the middlemen, the future is not quite so bleak. If fans who once spent $15 a month on CDs start spen… Read more »

Sony Backs Rival MusicNet: Sony Music, co-owner of the Pressplay online music service, has provided funding to rival service MusicNet. This… Read more »

Ministry of Sound Adds Paid Downloads to Site: Ministry of Sound is relaunching its website to offer users music and video downloads from to… Read more »

Listening to Woodstock: A story on a new digital media software company, Woodstock Systems, which has just releasec its Woodstock Personal D… Read more »

AOL Offering Music Catalog for Downloads: America Online will introduce a service today that lets users download and listen to a large catal… Read more »

Music Industry Faces New Threats On Web: A Dutch man is about to go into business as an enabler of Internet peer-to-peer services. He wants… Read more »

Napster Rising From the Grave: Napster, whose assets were bought out by Roxio, will go through a resurrection. The company likely will launc… Read more »

Online Music: Closer to the Right Note: Rafe Needleman highlight two new music technology companies offer products that are almost compellin… Read more »

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