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Ericsson and Sony Music Germany Launch Wireless Music Content Service: Ericsson and Sony Music Germany will collaborate on a new digital mob… Read more »

FullAudio Sees Market Moving Away from “Napster” Model: FullAudio predicts that older adults both male and female will soon become digital m… Read more »

Music sites make new pleas to pirates: AOL expected to launch premium music service next month; starting tomorrow, Pressplay will debut an o… Read more »

loading external resource burns CD-copying fee: In an aggressive move to boost subscriptions, online music company on Thursday cut what it charg… Read more »

How to Save the Music Industry: Abandon current online efforts and buy Kazaa. Read more »

FullAudio Appoints EW’s Founder Scott Kauffman As CEO: FullAudio, the subscription music service provider, has appointed of Scott Kauffman,… Read more »

Music Industry To Ring Up New Revenues: Music industry’s new frontier: the world’s 1.1 billion mobile phone users and the sales opportunitie… Read more »

Pressplay Adding Charts, Radio, More tracks: Pressplay announced a new version of its music subscription service that includes tailored acce… Read more »

Music Body Unveils Net Sales Tracker: IFPI and RIAA have launched electronic identity tags to keep tabs on Internet music sales, in a bid to… Read more »

European Digital Music Players Merge: Vitaminic SpA, the European digital music solutions provider, has announced that it has signed a defin… Read more »

loading external resource’s Rhapsody Available Free to Speakeasy Customers: Speakeasy, one of the largest independent broadband providers in US, and online… Read more »

This according to Jimmy Guterman, writing about the online consortium formed by six music retailer last week to sell music digitally. “Just… Read more »

Yahoo settles with Sony Music: Yahoo has settled with Sony Music Entertainment as part of a lawsuit filed by the recording industry against… Read more »

How Internet Radio Will Replace AM & FM: An interesting presentation given by industry analyst Kurt Hanson, at a conference in Copenhagen. N… Read more »

New Service Sounds Like Phish: Phish, a new online paid music service, delivers soundboard-quality live Phish shows only days after the conc… Read more »

Wal Mart Distributor Buys Some of Liquid Audio Assets: In a move that could make it easier for record companies to sell and promote songs on… Read more »

Microsoft and Music Choice Team Up to Offer Subscription Music Services in Europe: Music Choice Europe, a digital music broadcaster, has tie… Read more »

The Music Business and the Big Flip: Clay Shirky on why the music industry operates in reverse to the publishing/online publishign industry… Read more »

Keeping Track of the Online Music Industry: A story about a new music technology company, Relatable, which imprints files with a code, allow… Read more »

Major Labels Bring Back Net Music Giveaway: Major music and technology companies will bring back a promotion they tried six months ago to at… Read more »

Online Music Distribution (Is Anyone Really Listening?): A series of articles on how the online music distribution (OMD) affects musicians,… Read more »

A long and fascinating editorial by Gerd Leonhard on the future direction the music industry should or would go in. “The debate about the In… Read more »

Music Exec: ISPs Must Pay Up for Music-Swapping: Hillary Rosen, CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America, now wants telecom comp… Read more »

AOL Wins Online Music Innovation Award: Finally some good news for America Online. AOL Music’s First Listen program–which presents new sing… Read more »

Will You Ever Pay For Music Again?: A poll on /. Take it with a pich of salt, ’cause the community is know for excesses…and I mean this i… Read more » Reaches for Home Market: In a sign that fledgling Internet music services are expanding beyond the PC, subscription service Liste… Read more »

Make or Break Year for Canadian Music Subscription Services: “Almost four years after the invention of Napster, the major Canadian labels ar… Read more »

MusicNet Licenses Fantasy Jazz Label: Online music service MusicNet has reached a licensing deal with Fantasy, an independent jazz label and… Read more »

Why Music Stays Free?: Vin Crosbie’s analysis of why the music market is essentially malfunctioning due to bad pricing decisions by music co… Read more »

Paid Web Music Service Joins Top 10: MusicMatch ended last year as the dominant Webcaster, thanks in part to its subscription Artist On Dema… Read more »

Sprint, Warner Offer Music Service on Cell Phones: Sprint and Warner Music Group on Wednesday announced a deal to offer a streaming music cl… Read more »

Something Phishy This Way Comes: Leave it to a reunited neohippie rock and roll band to show major labels how to sell music via the Net. “Fi… Read more »

FCC Says Internet Video Subscribers Top 50M: “As part of the Ninth Annual Report on Competition in Video Markets, the FCC reports that as of… Read more »

Pressplay Keeps Music Spinning: An interview with Pressplay CEO Michael Bebel, where he discusses the subscription music venture’s achieveme… Read more »

Sprint to Offer Music Information Service: This is very interesting: Sprint is launching a mobile music information service along, through i… Read more »

BT Launches Music Subscription Service: BT Group has launched a subscription-based Internet service called “dotmusic on demand.” The venture… Read more »

Music Labels Foresee Turning Point Online: The major music labels continue to play defense in the online music game. 2003 will see them play… Read more »

MusicMatch Launches Artist on Demand Subscription Service: MusicMatch, the online media player software provider, has launched a streaming m… Read more »

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