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Web Radio’s Personal Edge: “Since 1997, 28 million people have registered for online radio station MusicMatch’s free player, and 130,000 hav… Read more »

Gateway spins Pressplay service on PCs: Gateway announced a deal with Pressplay to load its PCs with 2,000 songs from the online music servi… Read more »

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Americans Continue To Embrace Potential Of Digital Music: A new study by Ipsos-Reid on digital music distribution in U.S. “In June of 2002,… Read more »

Online Music Services Ready for Prime-Time Showdown: An overview of the recent frenetic activity among the online music subscription service… Read more »

Streaming Vs. Downloads: This is the music industry’s version of the eternal debate: radio vs. record player; magazines vs. books; tv movie… Read more »

Roxio Snapping up Napster’s Assets: For about $5 million (3.1 million pounds) in stock and cash. “Roxio refused to comment on its plans for… Read more »

Pressplay Signs on Fifth Label; Now Competes With Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group’s Pressplay music subscript… Read more »

EMI Signs Up Nine Online Music Companies: In a significant move for subscription music services, EMI has signed new distribution agreements… Read more »

Full Audio to Provide Subscription Music Service to Charter Subscribers: Charter Communications (Nasdaq :CHTR), a cable broadcast and Intern… Read more »

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British Music Service Signs Up With Universal: OD2, the British technology company co-founded by recording artist Peter Gabriel, has signed… Read more »

British Singer Charges for Content: British teen singer Samantha Mumba has launched a subscription VIP area on her re-launched website. The… Read more » To Allow CD Burning: has signed new licensing deals with Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group for its Rhapsody… Read more »

Spanish Music Site Gains 25,000 Subscribers: Spanish music file-sharing site, online since 1998, has registered over 25,000 su… Read more »

AudioGalaxy Relaunches, This Time as a Legal Subscription Service: Onetime file-swapping powerhouse Audiogalaxy, hobbled by a legal settleme… Read more »

Online Music Sites Face Tough Sell: Even though subscription music services have arrived, there’s been little fanfare, and so far almost no… Read more »

British Firm OD2 Launches New Version of Subscription Music Service Using Credit System: On Demand Distribution (OD2), a British technology… Read more »

HMV to Starts Subscription Music Service in U.K.: Music retailer HMV Group is expected to announce this week the launch of a subscription di… Read more »’s Music Search Portal for Professionals, for $49.95 a Month: will launch a music search portal, powered by techn… Read more »

OD2 Launches British Music Subscription Service: OD2, the digital music delivery company founded by ex-Genesis front man Peter Gabriel, has… Read more »

Classical Music Stations Reaching New Audiences Online, And Earning Some Money, for a Change: BusinessWeek reports on classical music statio… Read more »’s Rhapsody online music service will now be distributed through to Hughes Electronics’ DirecTV Broadband and AOL Time Warner’s Ro… Read more »

Pressplay To Offer Unlimited Downloads: Pressplay, the major-label backed online music subscription service, will offer listeners access to… Read more »

MusicNet on Why It is Better Than Napster-Like Services: MusicNet CEO Alan McGlade is the first to admit that while building an online music… Read more »

Why is Better: Eric Hellweg of Business 2.0 initially wrote off’s online music subscription service, but things are be… Read more »

Liquid Audio Rejects Buyout Offer: Online music company Liquid Audio, which runs a digital music subscription service, has rejected a buyout… Read more »

Sony’s Musiclub Adds Pressplay and Rhapsody: Musiclub, the music resource site operated by Sony Electronics, has perhaps become the only sit… Read more »

Pressplay’s CEO Leaves Ship: Only seven months into the launch of Pressplay online music subscription service, its CEO Andy Schuon is leavin… Read more »

European Music Spending: According to a survey by Screen Digest, subscriptions to music libraries, which can be accessed via different digit… Read more »

Liquid Audio and Roadrunner to Develop Subscription Digital Music Club: Liquid Audio, which is in the process of reverse-merging with Allian… Read more »

EarthLink Launches Music Service Powered by FullAudio: EarthLink, one of the biggest ISPs in U.S., has launched a digital music service. The… Read more »

The User Vs. Viewer: “The entertainment industry must acknowledge that it is marketing its products to an empowered body of citizens who con… Read more »

Music Labels Should Work With ISPs To Offer Subscription Services: In response to the Wall Street Journal story today (see below), Raymond J… Read more »

Music Labels Plan New Offensive: The Wall Street Journal (via reports on how major music companies are preparing to mount a broad… Read more »

Online music company Liquid Audio (Nasdaq: LQID) has sued geo-targeting company InfoSplit for using for infringing on its patent. The patent… Read more »

Backstage Free with the Price of a CD: Even as the parent company remains in turmoil, Vivendi Universal Net USA (VUNet USA) has launched “Ba… Read more »

With Vivendi CEO Jean-Marie Messier’s resignation Monday, questions are now being raised about the conglomerate Read more »

Audio Interview with CEO: An audio interview with Sean Ryan, CEO of, which operates the Rhapsody online music subscrip… Read more »

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