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Australian incumbent Telstra has finally got around to offering a mobile music download service… “The company is offering access to 1000 m… Read more »

Cordless Records? That’s the name they come up with? That’s like launching a magazine called Wired in 2005…oh wait…never mind.
Warner M… Read more »

Reigncom, the company behind iRiver music players, and SM Entertainment, one of South Korea’s largest music labels, plan to merge their resp… Read more »

David Pogue at the New York Times has written a comprehensive article on Sprint’s new music service in which he says the service is a really… Read more »

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So says eWeek: One day after Grokster officially shut down, its assets have been purchased by legal P2P service MashBoxx, the story says. Ma… Read more »

Televisa, Mexico’s bigest TV network, has launched Latin America’s first online musicstore (so they claim..I thouhgt I had heard of somethin… Read more »

The latest report from Telephia has found that women bought 69% of ringtones (by revenue) in the third quarter of 2005… “Overall, more tha… Read more »

The concept: a ringtone and download chart for football stadiums.
The reason: it’s an untapped market.
“A new ringtone and download chart… Read more »

Updated: P2P network Grokster, which was implicated in the landmark MGM-vs-Grokster case, is shutting down operations to settle the piracy c… Read more »

Here’s an interesting piece of news…”The findings of SmartTrust’s Mobile Trends Guide 2005/06 showed that consumers were struggling to kee… Read more »

The Eurotechnology Newsletter has alerted me to the fact that NTT DoCoMo is following the lead of SK Telecom and buying into the music busin… Read more »

Music videos have found new life in the past year on the Internet, mobile phones and DVDs, and are helping rescue the ailing music industry,… Read more »

Electronic Arts, the biggest video game company, is moving into music…it is teaming up with Canadian music label Nettwerk Entertainment to… Read more »

Ed: Our “MoComment” section has guest essays and commentary from industry players. If you’re interested in writing about an issue related to… Read more »

MTV Networks and Warner Music Group will make content from the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards available to mobile users across Europe from Fri… Read more »

Updated below:America Online has acquired digital music subscription service MusicNow, from CircuitCity. Financial terms of the deal were no… Read more »

Melodeo has launched Mobilcast Network to complement Mobilcast — it’s podcast-to-mobile offering. The idea is that people can use the new s… Read more »

Major artists are increasingly using mobile phones and other new technologies to generate hype and sales… “We’re trying to play into these… Read more »

“Nearly 10 percent of U.S. wireless users said they likely would watch mobile TV in the next year, according to the most recent study from M… Read more »

Latop magazine does a review of the newly launched Sprint music service…”we downloaded a dozen tracks and most took a brisk 30 to 40 secon… Read more »

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