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Dwango has signed a deal with Universal Music which gives it access to ringtones, audiotones and images of UMG artists, including Kanye West… Read more »

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Of all the Yahoo content efforts, this potentially will be the most disruptive, even though it may not seem like so initially since it has b… Read more »

Sprint Nextel’s new music-download service is going to launch Monday Oct. 31, reports It will be supported by new mobile phones… Read more »

Groove Mobile has signed a world-wide deal with Digital Rights Agency (DRA) to distribute full-track downloads from DRAs catalogue of indepe… Read more »

Snocap, the P2P song registry service founded by Napster founder Shawn Fanning, has named gaming industry vet Rusty Rueff as the new CEO. Pr… Read more »

Consultants DhaliwalBrown has released a report on mobile music (The Future of Mobile Music) with some interesting figures…”The report fin… Read more »

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Nokia has teamed up with EMI Music Latin America to bundle free music-loaded memory cards with each Nokia 6230 handset sold in Latin America… Read more »

Not that it was unexpected: As many as six times more customers are returning the [Apple iTunes] Rokr phones than is normal for new handset… Read more »

Wired magazine’s November issue has a big cover story on what went wrong with Apple iTunes-ROKR phone, with all the issues involved with App… Read more »

This is a technical look at the hardware behind music on mobile phones and how companies are trying to improve the quality and reduce the dr… Read more »

This article is a comprehensive summary of the mobile market in the UK and Europe…some interesting quotes:
“The International Federation o… Read more »

This is kind of funny, but an interesting social phenomenon none the less…it seems that there is a growing fad in the US to use ringtones… Read more »

Larry Jacobson, the former president and COO of RealNetworks, who was supposedly eased out of the company after differences with Glaser (oh… Read more »

German operator O2 Germany has launched a full-legth mobile music download store for its customers, in association with Loudeye and Nokia. I… Read more »

Toshiba Mobile Communications Division has signed a deal with pop-band Oasis to market “exclusive live and pre-recorded content” from the ba… Read more »

MTV Networks Latin America has signed up NetPeople to be its exclusive partner to deliver interactive programs from MTV, Nickelodeon and Vh1… Read more »

Zingy has signed a deal with Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products (NVCP) to distribute content from Paramount Pictures…”Zingy will be gr… Read more »

Motorola will release a podcast for its ROKR iTunes phone next week and will feature legally-licensed music from big name music acts, a feat… Read more »

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