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An essay on how weblogs enbable communication through content: “Communicontent to me, is a byproduct of communication where traditional cont… Read more »

The outfit, which sells ads on Weblogs, has enjoyed this year’s burst of interest in political sites, but it needs a post-election plan…
[… Read more »

(sub. req.) (A version re-posted here) FT does a story on what Jeff has called Citizens Media…coming about as a result of tools like blogs… Read more »

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Corante, one of the original blog media companies (one of the first ones to start, way back in early 2001), has snagged a deal with CNET-own… Read more »

WSJ weighs in on how cartoons are on the way to becoming a viable business online…especially with the political season and parodies like J… Read more »

J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism is giving away $1 million in grants — the money is from the Knight Foundation — to seed co… Read more »

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Jason Kottke point out an interesting figure: Out of Technorati’s top 100 most-linked weblogs (mine isn’t), only 16 don’t feature advertisin… Read more »

Another audio from a panel at Gnomedex, this time on the future of online advertising, again as it related to blogs and RSS…. Read more »

(via Steve Rubel) Well, I’m in there somewhere…
According to the story, few b-to-b media executives appear threatened by blogs, although t… Read more »

(reg. req.): An interview with Dany Levy, founder of, which was bought by former AOL-er Bob Pittman. A San Francisco edition… Read more »

A very interesting idea, in theory….billing itself as Blogads 2.0. Check out Blogversations, developed by Umair and a few others.
Let’s se… Read more »

An interesting play by MediaBistro, in trying to develop nanomedia properties and mixing media gossip with job ads and networking.
I guess… Read more »

That’s almost the same headline that Wired News used (“Blogging For Bucks”) when profiling me last year, and this is the headline… Read more »

The Media Drop mentions something close to my heart: how much advertising can I push down the pipe without crossing the line. There’s no sci… Read more »

I wrote about the “embargo school of journalism” yesterday, pointing to the discussion going on at Jeff Jarvis’ blog. Today, some more react… Read more »

(via Micropersuasion) Tom Hespos does a great service to our emerging media (yes, I’m biased), by laying out some ground rules on how advert… Read more »

I missed by a day, but this site and blog is now two years old…I started it on June 11, 2002 (the Internet Archive has a June 27, 2002 sna… Read more »

Um, in this case, it means me…some of my plans come out in this PR Week story (reprinted on Brand Republic site), though nothing’s hidden… Read more »

(by Vin Crosbie) Bloggers attending the BoggerCon II
conference Saturday at Harvard University’s Law School voted that
forming a trade assoc… Read more »

An interesting point brought up by Joe Wilcox, Jupiter analyst, on content copyrights and how they are being affected by the blog world…”T… Read more »

Jeff Jarvis, president of (the online unit of Advance Publications, Inc., includes CondéNet and Advance Internet) has revealed… Read more »

An interview with me on…On working alone, and why publishers must be brave enough to empower their journalists. Read more »

Earlier this week, I posted a note on Reuters’ latest deal with FAST, to go after copyright infringers online…I wondered aloud whether thi… Read more »

Rob Enderle opines on how blogs are chaning the media world: “I think the software industry faces the same issue. The issue isn’t about bein… Read more »

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