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The comforts at Twitter HQ includes pillows and lots of free food!
photo: Tricia Duryee

Twitter, which has been trying to get people to use instead of third-party Twitter clients, is now adding additional third-party… Read more »

photo: Corbis

It looks like Yahoo’s “social strategy” is going to go beyond integrating third-party services like Facebook and Twitter across its sites. T… Read more »

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photo: AP Images

Almost a year after reports first came out that Facebook and MySpace (NSDQ: NWS) were working on a deal that would let MySpace users share c… Read more »

Twitter Share

Twitter is launching a Tweet button that publishers will be able to add to their sites so visitors can share content on the social net. The… Read more »

Twitter Addiction
photo: Flickr / carrotcreative

Twitter’s latest move to keep users engaged on its site: a new tool that suggests other members users might want to follow “based on several… Read more »

photo: Corbis / Brooks Kraft

Facebook is buying Nextstop, a travel review site launched a year ago by two high-profile Google (NSDQ: GOOG) alums. When we profiled the st… Read more »

photo: US Geological Survey / Corbis

Twitter is zeroing in with its location plans. The company says in a blog post that users will now be able to tag their tweets as coming fro… Read more »

Casablanca Kites
photo: Flickr / JDFG

Even more deal activity in the question and answer website market. Travel review aggregator NileGuide has bought up Localyte, a site that le… Read more »

Waitress Taking Order
photo: Ocean / Corbis

Less than a year after launching a streamlined version of its site, which was designed for new users “looking to start off with a more simpl… Read more »

Question Mark
photo: Corbis

The Q&A market, which is seemingly getting more crowded by the day, may soon have a new competitor in Facebook. The social network is “testi… Read more »


After months and months and months of speculation, Twitter is finally unveiling its long-awaited business model. Starting tomorrow, the comp… Read more »


Twitter client HootSuite, which recently raised $1.9 million in funding, has now made an acquisition, buying up Android app developer Swift… Read more »


Plancast, a startup which lets users share their plans, has raised $800,000 from SoftTechVC, True Ventures, Founders Fund Angel, Zelkova Ven… Read more »

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