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Twitter Bird
photo: Flickr / Matt Hamm

Twitter is finally back up, as is Facebook — and some details are emerging about this morning’s cyber attacks:

– Some third-party Twitter… Read more »

With all the controversies raging around mommy bloggers and their product reviews and FTC looking into the practice (for all bloggers, not j… Read more »

MySpace Moves To Entertainment Portal

»  Facing pressure from Facebook, MySpace plans to turn itself into an entertainment-information portal. [WSJ]

»  Tribu… Read more »

Beatles Rock Band screengrab

»  Will downloading a song from a game like Rock Band be soon a ticket to number one song status? [MCV UK]

»  Pay VOD c… Read more »

Grey's Anatomy
photo: ABC

»  Welcome Disney-ABC’s first entry into the Hulu Universe… Grey’s Anatomy! [Broadcasting and Cable]

»  How Federated… Read more »

To add to the legend of Twitter’s service problems: The day the microblogging site accidentally suspended some users’ accounts. After multip… Read more »

»  Dada cutting staff in U.S. a day after announcing an acquisition. It is merging with Dada Entertainment. [Billboard]

&… Read more »

Steven Brill 175
photo: AP Images

»  Journalism Online, the start-up led by Steven Brill (pictured) Gordon Crovitz and Leo Hindrey, inked a deal with ITZ Publishing… Read more »

Mortal Kombat
photo: Flickr

»  Will Threshold Entertainment’s lawsuit against Midway over rights to Mortal Kombat hurt Warner Bros. Read more »

»  With a market valuation of $419 million and $370 million in cash, is incremental innovation for the sake of it, and fighting bi… Read more »


New funding may be sluggish, but there’s at least one category that investors are more than happy to pour money into: Twitter-related startu… Read more »

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