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– Gordon Crovitz, EVP-electronic publishing, Dow Jones: “This is an important step in showing that publishers with respected brands and str… Read more »

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Martin Nisenholtz, CEO of NY Times Digital, speaking at Web 2.0 Conference: The notion of opening up the Times…we’re in the middle of that… Read more » has redesigned and relaunched its tech section, aiming at the boom in consumer electronics and digital devices…it is focusing… Read more »

NYT Company’s Internet ad revenues increased 31.4% for August 2004 compared with August 2003, “due to strong growth in display advertising a… Read more »

A very interesting case where a NYT crossword fan is offering answers to the puzzles online, faster and for a cheaper rate than The Times’ o… Read more »

Adam Penenberg, an assistant professor at NYU’s J-school, famous for unmasking serial fabricator Stephen Glass of The New Republic, has writ… Read more »

Online revenues for New York Times are up for May 2004, according to new figures: Ad revenues for NYT Digital rose 37.2% year-over year and… Read more »

An interesting discussion (see second half of the page) on the economics of online newspapers broke out at an Adtech panel, with Martin Neis… Read more »

In its Q1 results declared today, revenues for New York Times Digital, the online division of parent company, grew 31.1 percent to $25.7 mil… Read more »

The Web’s holding it up for NYT, as I mentioned two days ago…But before you get too excited, though, the digital segment constituted just… Read more »

Even though NYT Co’s ad revenues declined 0.3% in February and it warned that first-quarter earnings may fall short of analyst expectations,… Read more »

A CBS MarketWatch story on NYT’s online operations, and a profile of Martin Nisenholtz, the head of the division.
In an otherwise fine story… Read more »

The New York Times Co.’s digital unit is chugging along. January ad revenues were up 42.3 percent compared to January ’03. Could the decent… Read more »

NY Times is considering starting blogs, and its online editor went to the blog fest BloggerCon this weekend to figure out how… Read more »

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