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Late this morning, the Wall Street Journal began streaming an interview with a haggard-looking David Axelrod to browsers and mobile devices across the land. The senior adviser to President Obama was appearing on the inaugural episode of “DC Bureau,” the latest addition to the Journal’s ever-expanding collection of live video offerings. Read more »

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ProQuest Udini research
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Online research database ProQuest’s usual customers are libraries and other large institutions that can afford to pay a lot for access. ProQuest’s new cloud-based tool, Udini, aims to make Internet research easy and affordable for everyday people — and builds in some Evernote and Instapaper-inspired features. Read more »


Some of the media industry’s leading “data journalists” have published a crowdsourced handbook for the practice of data-oriented journalism, including examples of some of the best projects, tips on how to hire hacker-journalists — and an argument for why data journalism could help save the media. Read more at GigaOM »


Newspapers find themselves at a crossroads: they need to generate more revenue in order to stay in business, but some of the ways they could do that might conflict with the public-interest aspect of journalism. How do they find a middle road — or can they? Read more at GigaOM »


Should the New York Times charge hedge funds or large financial institutions more for early access to market-moving stories like its Walmart exposé? Reuters blogger Felix Salmon says yes, but doing this would fundamentally change what the New York Times and its journalism are all about. Read more at GigaOM »

Morning Lowdown
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Here are some of the stories people are talking about this morning: paidContent 2012 adds Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne (paidContent) …
All Eyes Turn to Windows 8 (Wall Street Journal) Read more »

LA Times / Los Angeles Times / L.A. Times
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Newspapers everywhere are tinkering with “metered paywalls” in the hopes of hitting up the right mix of exclusion and access. The Los Angeles Times became the latest such paywall player last month, limiting readers to 15 stories a month unless they pay for a digital subscription. Read more »

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