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They’ve finally figured it out, haven’t they? That’s the least these digital version software companies can do…NewsStand has unveiled a br… Read more »

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What should they do? They’ve been thinking of charging for online content…a story in the paper lays out the troubled state of the paper op… Read more »

Smart move by Chicago Sun Times…”Ebert Mobile Movie Reviews” will be available exclusively to U.S. Cellular subscribers.
Ebert’s Mobile… Read more »

Seybold Bulletin, the companion weekly electronic newsletter on publishing technology from the eponymous Seybold Report, has been redesigned… Read more »

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An interview with Mark Pincus, the founder of, a social software startup, backed by, among others, Knight-Ridder. Again, a simple… Read more »

Reports from the World Editors Forum, being held in Istanbul, Turkey…these reports focus on how tabloid-sized newspapers are the wave of t… Read more »

While we here in US are still stuck with trying integrate SMS with news services, Ico, a Korean mobile content provider is integrating newsp… Read more »

I stirred a small hornet’s nest last week when I mentioned that maybe online newspapers are shying away from innovation on busienss models,… Read more »

I’m surprised why more newspaper portals have not done this before:, the local portal for boston area and online presence of Bos… Read more »

60% discount for readers: A report by Borrell Associates…Unique results and rich analysis based on revenue reports from mo… Read more »

An interesting discussion (see second half of the page) on the economics of online newspapers broke out at an Adtech panel, with Martin Neis… Read more »

Jack Shafer digs deeper into the electronic/digital versions of newspapers: last time he looked at New York Times, the Washington Post, and… Read more »

“Perhaps the real question is not why Google News was nominated, but why traditional media companies didn’t build their own versions of algo… Read more »

The AP wants to help its members reach consumers who are increasingly demanding immediate news on their personal electronic devices, such as… Read more »

Interactive revenues for Tribune, in Q1 2004, were $29 million, up 38 percent, due to strength in classified and banner/sponsorship adverti… Read more »

Knight Ridder Digital’s revenues for Q1 2004 was up 42.6%, to $24.5 million. Operating profit for the quarter rose to $6.7 million versus $2… Read more »

A story on the electronic paper technologies being developed…”Those looking beyond the initial launch of electronic newspapers advise indu… Read more »

The finalists for the 2004 EPpy Awards, which honor the best new media work by media/newspaper companies, were announced today by Editor & P… Read more »

UK’s newspaper group Associated Newspapers is ramping up the use of mobile interactivity across its titles, considering such next generation… Read more »

(sub. req.): Can technology stop plagiarized articles before they hit the newsstand? Despite some recent high-profile incidents and new soft… Read more »

(reg. req.):, an alternative online daily launching in San Francisco, promising to tweak the city’s establishment newspaper… Read more »

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