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Whatever it is,, the news search engine launched recently, is getting a lot of press…
Topix is entering an area that’s long been… Read more »

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(the link is a Google translation of the German page from the company’s website) BEX Media, a mobile content provider in Switzerland, has la… Read more »

Jeff Jarvis, president of (the online unit of Advance Publications, Inc., includes CondéNet and Advance Internet) has revealed… Read more »

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“Beginning Wednesday, we will ask you to register online to read articles from our newspaper partner, the Akron Beacon Journal.” Read more »

The Star-Telegram’s Web site,, on Wednesday will go behind a registration wall…
Knight Ridder, which owns the Star-Teleg… Read more »

Olive Software, the electronic publishing (digital editions) technology/software company based in Denver, CO, has received $6 million in fun… Read more »

It’s slow, but newspapers are getting into the wireless game (pun intended!)…
Related: To Launch Crossword, Word Game on Mobil… Read more »

A great overview on what’s happening in the online newspaper market in U.S.: online registration, targeted advertising, targeted content, pr… Read more »

“For me, a decade of experience with Knight Ridder Digital engenders real excitement about the increasingly important role of interactive me… Read more »

A profile of Boston Globe’s online efforts in efforts in online video, an open-source CMS system, generating user feedback e… Read more »

In a smart move, the online newspaper TV2 Nettavisen in Norway published 20,000 copies of a print version of the website on Friday…downloa… Read more »

(sub. req.): A disturbing yet obvious trend…More and more Web publishers are requesting personal details in an effort to serve up targeted… Read more »

MediaNews Group and its California Newspaper Partnership, along with Gannett and Stephens Media, is set today to unveil, run by presi… Read more »

The Web’s holding it up for NYT, as I mentioned two days ago…But before you get too excited, though, the digital segment constituted just… Read more »

In another blow to local newspapers and their web operations, Google has released its local search tool, Google Local…Type a keyword along… Read more »

An excellent series of stories by OJR (mainly Vin Crosbie) on the future of news and newspapers, online. Crosbie outlines the probems and so… Read more »

That’s what Vin Crosbie is hearing, from KRD execs…once Knight Ridder Digital has finished implementing consumer registration at their Web… Read more »

Tribune has got the writing on the wall: classifieds and online have merged, irreparably, and so it has combined both those units, and has n… Read more »

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