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MediaNews Group’s California Newspapers Partnership, which includes Gannett and Stephens Media Group, is taking a direct stab at online city… Read more »

A Wired News story on how a lot of newspapers have started asking for registrations fro users online….”While most newspaper websites haven… Read more »

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I have to say, there’s something really fishy about this: Hitwise has released a list of top 10 most-visited print news and media sites..som… Read more »

The Scotsman’s website has become the latest online newspaper website to ask for registration, in an attempt to get more in-depth data for a… Read more »

Co-founder Sergey Brin on the evolution of search and his company’s partnerships with publishers. Read more »

Some news organizations have started advertising on search engines, luring readers on stories ranging from Michael Jackson’s trial to Comcas… Read more »

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An interview with Caroline Little, CEO and publisher of Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, in wake of WaPo’s decision to ask for more regi… Read more », after resisting the “registration-gate” for its website for years, has given will now require all readers to regi… Read more »

Well, for newspapers, that is…most smaller newspapers have not seen enough returns or revenues form their wireless/mobile efforts..
But th… Read more »

The Daily Mail UK is about to revamp its website with rolling news and paid-for content. Sometime this quarter the newspaper site owned by A… Read more »

Call me when you’re done snoozing through this…I am pretty sick of the eAP thing…isn’t it just IT infrastructure upgrade, which should h… Read more »

The Newspaper Association of America presented its Digital Edge Awards to the best online newspaper projects on Monday at the Connections 20… Read more »

NewspaperDirect, a digital delivery service for daily online editions of newspapers, has luanched its library service.
Libraries will have t… Read more »

Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, the online arm of Washington Post Company, has named a new CEO: Caroline Little will be the new CEO and… Read more »

Separation of church and state is a basic tenet of journalism, but that doesn’t mean online newsrooms have to be loss leaders, suggests Pete… Read more »

(via J D Lasica): NewspaperDirect, the print-on-demand newspaper service, is launching on online version of its service, much like say Newss… Read more »

Some more WaPo bashing: not sure why Don Graham even gave the statement…the paper can’t add the online circulation even if it wants to, fo… Read more »

Regular readers of this site know I am not exactly a fan of WaPo online…most of it has to do with my avowed aversion to beltway politics (… Read more »

This is how Knight Ridder plans to make money from its recent invetment in social software company it is exploring a business mod… Read more »

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