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The Register captures the zeitgeist surprisingly well: Guardian’s launch of new premium services is a defining moment in UK online media mar… Read more »

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Advance Publications has become the latest newspaper chain to implement user registration on its websites. Users at,,… Read more »

A Los Altos, Calif., inventor has withdrawn a patent infringement lawsuit against a dozen small newspapers…Paul Heckel alleged in the suit… Read more »

“Registration is the drumbeat of 2003, rather than firewalls,” he says. Both Benz and Yelvington dismiss the subscription tactic. Morris exp… Read more »

An interesting slide from Peter Krasilovsky, VP and senior partner at Borrell Associates, who gave a presentation earlier this week at UC Be… Read more »

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“At the annual convention of the Newspaper Association of America, Gates said newspapers will deliver information and services like video me… Read more »

The Independent, the “independent” newspaper in UK, is launching a subscription/micropayments service, dubbed Independent Portfolio, which w… Read more »

The 157-year old Canadian regional newspaper Hamilton Spectator is turning its website into a premium site, starting April 22. “Spectator [p… Read more »

Nando Times, one of the pioneering news websites, will cease to exist within about 90 days, said Christian A. Hendricks, VP of Interactive M… Read more »

(via MarketingFix): Canadian media company CanWest Global Communications plans to roll out electronic versions of its newspapers with embedd… Read more »

The Sun Herald has started asking users top register before accessing the content. The letter outlines why the move was necessary, though it… Read more »

Can Online Publishing Attract the E-Generation?: “Web sites and newspapers are designed to be read in different ways, in different situation… Read more »

Swiss Paper Allows Content Payment Through Mobiles: Swiss newspaper Le Temps is to allow its online readers to pay for archived articles usi… Read more »

Boston Herald To Launch a Subscription Scheme for Its Popular Columnists: This has been bit of a holy grail for big newspapers: the ability… Read more »

Want The News Now? Then Pay Up: A newspaper in Singapore has done what pundits here in US have only been debating for months and perhaps yea… Read more »

An interview with Roger Fidler, Director of the Institute for CyberInformation at Kent State University, and an electronic content distribut… Read more »

Online Newspapers Show Little Interest in Innovative Payment Systems (Europe): A detailed story (and a report) the the European content paym… Read more »

“Later this year, the Tribune Company may become the first major chain to dramatically expand its pay-for-content services. Read more »

Gannett’s Online Revenues Increase 27 Percent: Gannett, the publisher of, among 100 other newspaper websites, has generated app… Read more »

South African Newspaper Site Rethinks its Paid Content Strategy: “M&G Online [the online version of the South African paper Mail&Guardian]… Read more »

Web Profits Are Talk of NAA Meeting: “[O]nline news might develop into a model similar to cable television, where users pay for premium cont… Read more »

What Keeps Execs Awake at Night?: Answers: paid content, of course, among others! A short report from Newspaper Association of… Read more »

Newspaper Digital Units in the Black: A roundup on the revenues for online units of major newspaper chains. Read more »

Newspapers and New Media: Dan Gillmor reports from the Newspaper Association of America’s Connections conference in Orlando, and is a bit di… Read more »

More Publishers Try All-Paid Web Model: While no U.S. newspaper is yet making a fortune by charging for access to its website, more publishe… Read more »

Canadian Newspaper The Record Goes Subscription, With a Twist: Candian newspaper The Record, out of Kitchener, Ontario, is going subscriptio… Read more »

Web Publishers Describe the Year’s Top Achievements: A good round-up of acheivements of (mainly) newspaper web publishers, including The Adv… Read more »

AOL News Director’s Tips For Newspapers: America Online’s news operations head Gary Kebbel, a former newspaper man, speaks with E&P Online a… Read more »

How Kept Ad Sales Strong in 2002: ContentBiz does a case study on how ad sales kept up during 2002. “In the past, advertising… Read more »

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