More nielsen Stories Execs are talking about measuring tweet volume and the reach of those tweets, but isn’t the real value in figuring out what people think? It’s not worth touting that 200,000 people tweeted and 4 million people saw those tweets if the overall sentiment is that […] Read more at GigaOM »

WWDC iTunes Radio

Halfway through this year, digital song sales are actually down 2.3 percent: 682.2 million in 2013, versus 698 million a year ago. Meanwhile, digital streams of music are up 24 percent. Read more at GigaOM »

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Cord cutting / cutting the cord
photo: Shutterstock / artenot

Belying several earlier research studies, which said growth of U.S. multi-channel subscriptions has slowed significantly but not stopped, Nielsen’s latest “Cross-Platform Report” says the number of U.S. homes paying a multi-channel provider for TV services last year actually declined by 1.5 million, or about 1.5 percent. Read more »

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Wall Street Bull
photo: Corbis / James Leynse

After months of planning, Nielsen Holdings N.V. (“The Nielsen Company”) has priced its initial public offering of 71,428,572 shares of its c… Read more »

Money changing hands
photo: Corbis / Jonathan Gelber

Talk of IPOs is in the air these days, as audience measurement company Nielsen is increasing the amount it wants to raise in a stock sale to… Read more »

Successful Meetings Magazine

After having shed its some of it major b2b mags, Nielsen has now sold off some of its smaller business travel and meeting brands to Northsta… Read more »

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